High School Night: Weekly, 7-8:30 pm. @ The Barn

The goals of the High School ministry is that students would leave knowing who Jesus is, loving Him, and sharing their relationship with Him with those around them. That they would know the scriptures, and by knowing them they would develop a deep love for them and share what they know and love about scripture with their friends, and even strangers. That they would know what it means to be a part of a healthy community, and not only would they be a part of this community but they would love the family of God and want other people to share in this beautiful family with them. That they would leave High School with these foundations, and a boldness to see Jesus move mightily in their lives.

Our corporate weekly gathering provides our youth an opportunity to expand their community, unpack God’s Word, and spend time together in worship. A typical Wednesday night will start with a time of fellowship, usually around the snack table, where youth from various schools can connect with each other. Next, we spend time singing a few songs together, which not only allows us an opportunity to praise God but also a place to push past insecurities and worship irregardless how we feel that particular day. Lastly we open up God’s word and teach.

Teens need is a place where they can be taught, equipped, and encouraged in their walk with God. We want this place to be it.

Where: The Barn (25 W 25th Ave.)

When: Wednesday @ 7:00pm

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