The Tabernacle

Structure of the Tabernacle

The Tabernacle has 3 parts: the Outer Court, Inner Court, and Holy Place .

Outer Court- The outer court is public. Everyone can see what happens there.

  1. Entering the tabernacle, you go through a gate. It’s the only way in and the only way out. In the same way the only way we can get to God is through Jesus.
  2. The brazen altar is where they would make their sacrifices and atone for their sins. The brazen altar is the first thing you see when you walk in, and it is elevated, you look up at it. In the same way, we look up to see Jesus on the cross. Something has to die, there has to be blood. You can’t get into the rest of the tabernacle until sacrifice was made. We too can’t get to God except through the blood of Jesus.
  3. Next is the laver, which is a bowl of water. On the bottom were mirrors. After the sacrifice, they would wash their hands. They would see their hands in the mirrors through the blood. That is how God sees us, through the blood of Jesus Christ. This also points us to baptism. We repent and then are baptized. We get baptized after we get saved., and they washed their hands after atonement.

Inner Court- This is what happens in your heart.

  1. Golden lampstand- The golden lampstand was the only source of light and it was to be burning at all times. Jesus is the light of our lives, who is “lit” at all times. The lampstand was detailed, it had to be beaten into the way it was molded. Jesus also had to be beat on the cross to be the light in our lives. There is a center stem in the lamp and coming from it are branches. God is the tree and we are the branches.
  2. There was a table of show bread- 12 loaves which signified the 12 tribes of Israel. There was a very specific recipe, and as they made the bread and as they ate they would think of each tribe and pray for them. We should be thinking of others and praying for them.
  3. Altar of Incense- There was a very specific recipe to make this incense. The altar of incense would cover the smell of the blood that was scattered in the court. Love covers a multitude of sins. The smoke from the altar of incense created a veil of smoke between the inner court and the Holy Place. Because Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, there had to be a veil between us and God, because of sin. This veil prevented people from coming to God through the veil. Only the high priests could enter the Holy Place. Because of Jesus, the veil has been lifted and we can talk with God face to face. But they didn’t have that privilege.

Holy Place

Ark of the Covenant – The presence of God, Holy of Holies, mercy seat. Atonement happened at the brazen altar, but forgiveness wasn’t made until here. The blood had to go all the way in to the Ark of the Covenant.  At the Ark of the Covenant there was manna, which is bread, and  God is the bread of life. God sustains us. There was the 10 commandments which signifies the Lord ruling over us. The staff was also there. The Lord empowered Aaron and Moses with the staff. We are sustained, ruled over, and empowered. The trinity, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit does the same.

On each side of the Ark of the Covenant there were two angels. Where two or more are gathered, God is in their midst.

There are lots of threes in the bible- faith, hope love; the way, truth, life. It all points to the Holy of Holies.

God designed the Tabernacle, and when everything is in its place it makes a cross, showing that it points to Christ.

Moving the Tabernacle

There are 3 groups of people who have duties in moving the Tabernacle.

Gershon: They carried out the curtains, ropes, and other things in the outer tabernacle

Kohath: They were in charge of all the holy things, the artifacts, table of show bread, lampstand, arc of covenant, etc. They put poles in it and carried it on their shoulders.

Merari: They took down the columns and structure of the tabernacle, including the frame and the base.