“ So with yourselves, since you are eager for manifestations of the Spirit, strive to excel in building up the church.” 1 Cor. 14:12

1 Corinthians 14.12 has been a key verse for our youth this year. We have been studying how to build up the church and build out our communities. Providing service opportunities for our youth is a way in which we can help facilitate our youth in the process of building out their community.

Acts 24: 45 says, “And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.” The people in Acts didn’t serve just to serve or distribute what they had for distribution sake. They gave as they saw need. We want our youth to be like the people in Acts. Like the first church meeting the needs of God’s people. That their hearts would be moved by someones need and that they would fill it. (Dave Williams, HS Sermon Week#4: You – Small Group – Church).

We know that each of our youth are going to connect with different populations in different ways. Below we have provided a few ways in which our youth can connect with the church body in serving both in Kids Ministry or in Middle School Ministry. We also have provided a few ways in which they can serve the homeless through meeting the physical need of food and the spiritual need of the gospel with Hosea and Homeless Sack Lunch. Lastly, we have provided a way in which our youth can serve one another on the Connect Team.

“Doing Sack Lunch here in Eugene has been one of the best ways to share the healing, redeeming, and loving Gospel message Christ has given us. I love Sack Lunch because there is honestly nothing better than seeing the joy and excitement in a persons face when you offer them prayer or ask how they are doing. Though they might be homeless, they still need to know that they are precious to the Lord. That’s what we’ve been called to do, and we’re to do it with joy and love, just as He did.” (Audrey Frank Senior @ Connections Academy)


Middle School 

As a middle school volunteer you have three possible times to serve, Sunday’s, Thursday’s or at monthly events. Each of these days entail different ways of service beginning with Sunday morning middle school group, Thursday youth night or once a month middle school events such as a holiday parties or movie nights. Depending on your availability contact Brad Libolt and he will get you plugged in.

How often: Sunday mornings at UFC after worship, 6:00pm on Thursdays or any monthly events.

Brad Libolt // Middle School Director

Phone: (541) 480 0774


Kids Ministry 

As a volunteer in Kids Ministry you would arrive to church at 9:30am, check in and be assigned a teacher for that day. The purpose of the kids ministry is to assist the lead teacher with the days activities. Contact Natalie Kinley for more information and times of availability.

How often: Sunday mornings at UFC.

Jenna Libolt // Kids Ministry Administrator

Phone: (541) 771 8825



At Hosea you get the chance to serve homeless youth dinner, hangout, and fill any of the needs the Hosea staff have. We challenge our youth while there, not only to serve the youth but to engage and interact with people they may not otherwise associate with. Ultimately, this is a sweet time to hangout with your peers both from your school and from around Eugene.

How often: once every other month

Aly Ogan // Youth Director

Phone: (541) 519 0387


Sack Lunch

The purpose of Sack Lunch is to provide an opportunity for youth to serve the community and practice sharing the gospel with community members. The role of students is to seek ways to successfully articulate the gospel with surrounding community members. Additionally, students should be creating relationships with fellow students.

How often: once a month (Scheduled by term)

Aly Ogan // Youth Director

Phone: (541) 519 0387