San Francisco 2018


We take our youth to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco so that they can learn three things: how to share the gospel, how to build community and how to rely on Christ to find strength.

While in the Tenderloin, we ask and encourage our youth to pray for the homeless around them on a daily basis. Doing so helps to encourage and push them outside of their comfort zones.

We know that the impact we will have in the Tenderloin — in our short time down there — could be seen as small, however, the experience and growth our youth will receive is lasting. Our experience in the Tenderloin helps to equip our youth in sharing the gospel, as well as send them home with a desire to build up their relationship with Jesus. We facilitate an environment that allows them to practice sharing what they believe, why they believe, and an opportunity to love on people who are otherwise disregarded. 

 “San Fran was a time that is different from anything else I’ve experienced. It reaffirmed God’s love for me in a special way, and I was able to truly contend for the faith. Another thing that’s awesome is that no one is forced to do anything but instead you’re surrounded by a group of people who are choosing to follow the Lord in front of one another and it’s incredibly encouraging.” Qunicy Guenther (Graduate from South Eugene High School)


June 25th – June 30th


Cost:  $500

Bria Connolly wrote a blog post about last summer’s trips and summed them up like this; 

     No San Fran trip is the same, and that is one of the best things about them. God is always up to something new and beautiful, even if it is only a week long. Prayer becomes the default reaction, the first choice. Not only prayer for those and the streets, but for each other. 

     The streets become a place for ministry and friendship. The people of the Tenderloin are not only faces to recognize, but friends made. The impact these people make is lasting. 

     Jesus is building something beautiful in the Tenderloin, and he is using each of your kids to do it. Coming home, God will continue to use your kids.

     The goals they make in San Francisco will carry through to Eugene, and we will see amazing things happen here.


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