Remembrance 2018



Remembrance is a time to do just that, remember – our seniors, what God has done and that he is good. We do this by taking a weekend to get away and be in fellowship with one another. We spend the weekend with God, in the word and with one another. What a sweet opportunity it is to honor our seniors and send them off in love as well as challenge those below them to step up and fill their places as leaders in our group and in their schools. We encourage everyone to come and be with one another for a sweet weekend of community.

Dates: June 1st – 3rd

Cost: $150

“Remembrance Retreat was perhaps the most memorable experience of community I can recall having while a part of the Bridge. The tone for this retreat is unique and always sweet. It is a time of reflection, praise, and change. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to be apart of the incredible community that the Bridge provides and reflect on Remembrance retreat as a crucial part in developing and maintaining this community.” -Megan White (Senior 2016)


Be sure to fill out the liability form for all the trips you plan on your student attending. The liability form is required for every trip.

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Also be sure to fill out the medical waiver for your student if you have not done so already. Medical waivers only need to be done once per year.

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