HS Rafting the Klamath River


We spend a few days on the Klamath river in Northern California rafting, camping and spending time in fellowship. These trips are designed to build and connect the youth in ways that cannot be achieved on a Wednesday night, small group or a Sunday morning. We encourage our youth to bring their small groups and carve out a week to be with one another and to experience God’s creation in a new and breath taking way.

Trip 1: July 15th – 17th

Cost: $250

“I love the Klamath trip because it combines the fun of a rafting day trip with the fellowship that comes with something longer. Because it’s a few days long there’s time to build good relationships and spend time appreciating God’s creation, which is great.” Claire Lehnert (Senior @ Sheldon)

Be sure to fill out the liability form for all the trips you plan on your student attending. The liability form is required for every trip.

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Also be sure to fill out the medical waiver for your student if you have not done so already. Medical waivers only need to be done once per year.

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