What does Leviticus mean and where does it come from?

The tribe of Levi. The book was written to the tribe of Levi. They were the representation of people to God and from God to people.

Why did Nadab and Abihu put incense in the fire?

Their job was to put the incense in the fire, but the problem was they put the wrong kind of incense and they came in intoxicated.

 In Leviticus 7 why is the guilt offering the most holy?

The first offering is the burnt offering on the brazen altar. This is the sacrifice of atonement, which means to cover up. This offering covers up the sin.

After the burnt offering, people would still feel guilty about the sin. So they would make unleavened bread and bring it to the priest. Here the priest would remind the individual that God covered the sin. This was to deal with the guilt and shame that came from the sin.

The next one is the peace offering. The peace offering is the first one where it shifts from forgiveness to reconciliation. This gives you an opportunity to come to God.

The guilt offering is for unintentional sins. These are sins you don’t even know you are doing. This is cool because God knew that there were sins that people wouldn’t think of or wouldn’t know they had committed, and he wanted to give forgiveness for those sins.

Will they run out of animals?

God will supply all of our need according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus. God created this system of offerings. The Israelites are in the desert and in order to atone for their sins, each person would have to take a lamb in the morning and a lamb at night. It doesn’t seem possible, but all things are possible with God and he provided.

Why not eat blood? Chapter 17

Because the life is in the blood. It wasn’t the sacrifice that atoned for their sins, it was the blood.

Why were most sacrifices male?

I don’t know. There is nothing in the bible that specifically says why.

 Why were there so many laws?

It was to show the many consequences of sin. Even the minutest sins have serious consequences. There were many laws because sin had serious consequences.

What is clean vs. unclean animals?

There are some sanitary reasons, but it is also a simple request where God said not to eat something. It is a simple test of obedience. If you can’t be faithful to what goes into your mouth, you can’t be faithful with what is in your heart.

 Why were there two long chapters dedicated to leprosy?

Any kind of skin disease was lumped into the category of leprosy. It was basically a death of the skin. God is the opposite of life. Any time there is any sign of death, God does not want us to have anything to do with that. So he took two chapters to show how you can take a dead thing and make it alive again, which a priest did. He would take oil and touch the head of the leper and bring him back into something that is alive. It is also the most cured disease in the bible and the most talked about disease in the bible.