HS Small Groups

We recognize that a lot of time is spent teaching and training youth to be invested spiritually both at a personal level as well as in their community. However, they need an opportunity for both of those things to happen. This is the mission of our small groups. We want this time to be a time for youth to be transparent and encouraged in their walk but also seen as an opportunity to live out their faith alongside their peers. We try and make each small group gender and school specific so their focus is narrowed in a little sharper to who they could be investing into. Each group sets personal, small-group, and church-serving goals that the leader helps support them in achieving. We are always so amazed to see the growth—both deep and wide—that happens in these groups.




Churchill Boys

Sean Duncan


(541) 733-9573

Time: Friday 5PM

Place: Coffee Planet Roasters

Willamette Girls Anessa Jones


(808) 224-1972

Time: Monday 11:15am

Location: Willamette High, room 13

Guys Discipleship Group Garrett Gilchrist


(541) 968-7202

Time: Wednesday 5:30pm

Location: Church Office, 25 west 25th

Sheldon Boys Dave Williams


(541) 771-9130

Time: Tuesday 12:20pm

Location: Swim Center

Sheldon Girls Rachel Alie


(541) 337-9432

Time: Monday 12:20PM

Location: Sheldon High, room B18

Marist Guys Ian Wheeler


(706) 768-1603

Time: Tuesday 7:00am

Location: Daily Bagel

Marist Girls Meredy Wheeler


(541) 915-9522

Time: Tuesday 7:00am

Location: Daily Bagel

Thurston Guys Brendan Dumbrow


(503) 516-2526

Time: Wednesday 11:00am

Location: Thurston High, Room 124 or 125

Thurston Girls Jasmine Timm


(541) 505-1215

Time: Friday 7:00am

Location: Thurston High, Room 124