Our UFC Youth trips are about so much more than an adventure. We get to hike mountains, raft river, go to camps, share the gospel in the city, and build many memories. With all that we do the goal is not the trip itself, but it is to take that adventure and use it to develop something of far greater value, relational depth with our students. By developing this depth in community we are not only building leader and student relationships, but also creating a family atmosphere for students where they can know that they belong and that they have relationships with kids from all over our city.

HS Trips

Home Brew

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HS & MS Trips

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MS Trips

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Trips also give students a chance for extended time with leaders and one another that they don’t get to have at small group or a Wednesday/Thursday night. In these extended times there is a possibility for conversation that goes far deeper, and connecting to each others lives in a way that doesn’t happen in just a couple of hours. We go on trips because we want to see a youth group who loves one another deeply, and so we give them a chance to take the time to know one another, and to get to see how Jesus is calling them into deeper relationship as that family.

Whether that is how we share the gospel and learn to love people well, together in a place like San Francisco; or if it is how we see God share His beauty with us as we raft down a river. The adventure points us to something and Someone bigger, and we hope you join us.


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