Gospel Tools


Here you will find the tools you need to better understand scripture and the message of the gospel so that you can rightly articulate it within your small groups. Go through these resources to become better versed in your articulation and the way you read scripture.

Lenses to Use When Reading Scripture:

In this resource you will find the six lenses through which we encourage our leaders and kids to read Scripture. Of course, there are countless themes and lenses through which to view Scripture, but these are six we find essential for our youth to grasp. Be sure you understand these for yourself. You can also take your youth through these if you find that it would be beneficial for them.

Gospel Fluency Guide:

The purpose of this guide is twofold: first, we want our youth to be masters of preaching the gospel; second, we want our youth to be masters of teaching the gospel. In this guide, you will take them through 12 different gospel summary passages, priming them in knowing the gospel for themselves and teaching it to others. This is a great tool if you need more structure to your group, if you have youth who need priming in the gospel, or if you are priming youth for teaching.


Lastly, we have a glossary from Wayne Grudem’s Systematic TheologyIt is an extensive glossary, but is alphabetized for your convenience and helpful for unpacking weighty theological words and concepts.