According to Genesis 3:10, what are the side effects of sin?

When you sin, you get fearful and you hide, and put on a mask. God said to Adam and Eve “Where are you? Come to me.” God’s solution to sin is to come and confess it to him, to bring the sin out of hiding.

Read Genesis 8:6-12. Noah sent out a raven and a dove to determine whether or not he could leave the boat. Think about what these two birds eat. What is the significance of him sending out those two birds?

Ravens eat dead things, doves eat things that are still living. God gets rid of all the sins of our past life, (ravens) before we get new life (doves).

Genesis 11:6. What does what God says about humans mean for us today?

When Christians come together, almost nothing is impossible for them. When we come together, unbelievable things can happen because we are made in the image of God. When we come together as one mind, one accord, one place, we become the manifestation of Jesus Christ.

Where did different races come from?

From the story of the Tower of Babel, languages were confused, and people separated. There, people had dark skin but as they migrated North they would start to lose the dark pigment in their skin. Human beings are adaptable to the conditions in which they live.

What is the importance of the descendants of Noah?

God had a promise of salvation that needed to come from a particular line of people, so that the promise would be passed down through generations. The promise was for a particular people who were linked together. God’s promises all came true but we wouldn’t know that without a genealogy.

If God knew Adam and Eve would eat the fruit, why did he put the tree there?

The thing God ultimately wants is for us to glorify him. Making God’s attributes known is how he gets glorified. When we fell into sin, we needed a savior, Jesus. And through Jesus we got to experience and see all of God’s attributes; his love, grace, mercy, wrath, etc. Although Adam and Eve sinned, God ultimately gets glorified.

Where did all the people go after the tower of Babel?

They began to disperse.

God said people wouldn’t live longer than 120 years but then people lived longer. Why?

The further people got from the garden of Eden, the shorter life they lived. He was saying people would live to be around 120 years. Now, people live even less than that, because we are further away from the garden of Eden.

If they had the whole earth, why would they stay in one place?

Human beings are designed to congregate. God has always used persecution to separate the church because we are designed to congregate in one area. One example of this is after Jesus ascended into heaven, the early church began. Peter preached in Jerusalem, but was then supposed to go to Judea and Samaria, then to the ends of the Earth. Instead he stayed in Jerusalem, and congregated with the believers there. In comes Nero, a Roman emperor who persecuted the church terribly, spreading Christians to the ends of the Earth where they were supposed to go. Congregation isn’t bad, but we should never forget we are to go out into the world as well.

Why did God say let there be light instead of something else. Why light?

John 1 says the Word is light, saying that God is light. When God said let there be light, he was saying, “let there be me.”

If God hadn’t created water yet how could his spirit be hovering above the waters?

The water existed before God said let there be light. It wasn’t created after, but separated by land after there was light.

How did the ark fit all the animals?

It didn’t. It fit seven of each clean animal and two of the rest. Practically this doesn’t seem to make sense, so we must trust that God was at work supernaturally. In the same way, practically God can’t raise himself from the dead, but supernaturally God did it.

In ch.7: 1-3 were there actually 7 pairs of clean animals and 2 pairs of unclean animals that Noah took on the ark?

It seems impossible, but we believe in an impossible God. Somehow God was able to do that. The concept of the cross was impossible too. But if we can believe that to be true, then we can believe the rest to be true.

What did they eat on the ark?

They most likely ate animals, since there was more clean ones than unclean ones.

When man was made, why did they say, let US make man in OUR image?

This is the first evidence of a Trinitarian God. God is referring to all three persons of the trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He made us in his image, so on a much smaller level we have similar aspects. Our makeup as body, mind and soul is an example of this.

What does it mean when it said God walked with them?

In the garden prior to sin, humans could have completely been in God’s presence, so God walking with them is very literal. God could have walked and been with man in the beginning because the separation cause by sin hadn’t happened yet.

Why did God make the oath with Abraham?

Because of God’s love for Abraham and his people. Abraham didn’t do anything to deserve it; it was out of God’s sovereign will.

Genesis 25:29-34 What is a birthright? What is the significance of Esau selling his birthright?

The birthright is a majority of the responsibility to take care of the family as well as an inheritance. Esau gladly gave up his birthright for a bowl of stew. He didn’t want the responsibility of his birthright, he despised it.

Genesis 26:17-22 Why did Isaac re-dig his father’s wells instead of digging his own?

Re-digging his father’s wells would be easier than digging his own. He wanted to continue to build on what his father had done. He didn’t need to start new.

Genesis 32:22-32 Why did Jacob wrestle with God?

He was trying to make life work on his own. Jacob wanted to see if God would do what he said he was going to do. It wasn’t until later that he admitted that he did need God and couldn’t do it on his own.

What does the story of the speckled goats mean?

It’s a story of Jacob’s trickery and deception of his father in law Laban.

Why did the younger kids get the blessings?

Culturally the first born should get the blessing. But God often chose to work through the second born which is often contrary to the way we think things should be done. This shows that God does things in his own way.

Why did Jacob’s Father-in-law make him marry Leah first?

If Leah gets married, that means a lot for Laban but also for Leah too. He knew that Jacob wanted Rachel, so by giving him Leah first, he knew he knew could give both of his girls away and get 14 years of labor from Jacob for it.

Why did Jacob say he was going to meet Esau but ended up not going there at all?

There is still some fear in Jacob. He trusts Esau, but not really. Jacob’s own history of deceiving and being deceived, he falls into a bad habit of running and hiding.

Genesis 32:22-32 Did Jacob touch God? 

The story of Jacob wrestling God seems to suggest that there was physical contact between the two. The man who he was wrestling with touched his hip, changing his walk and also had the authority to change his name. Verse 30 says that Jacob saw God face to face, confirming the man was God.

Why would anyone have more than one wife?

Man’s desire for more than one wife is a result of his sinful nature. Our sinful desires are always craving more, and can never be satisfied with anything other than God. When men of the Bible took more than one wife, they were displaying this sinful nature and desire. In the garden, God designed marriage to be between one man (Adam) and one woman (Eve). After the fall, we see men taking more wives because of their sin.

Genesis 38 What is the story of Tamar about?

The story of Judah and Tamar seems to be randomly placed in the middle of the Joseph story, but nothing in the Bible is random. In a nutshell, this story is about Judah’s sin, but his eventual realization of this sin. In verse 26 Judah says Tamar is more righteous than he is, saying that he knows he is unrighteous. Later, when Joseph is threatening to kill Benjamin, Judah offers up his own life in place of his little brother’s. This act of love finally breaks Joseph, and he reveals himself to his family. Judah did this because of his change of heart in the story of Tamar. Later we see that both Judah and Tamar are in the genealogy of Jesus, showing that even through our sin and messed up choices, God can work those for good.

What does Genesis 49:27 mean?

This is the last of the twelve blessings Jacob gives to his sons. It is the blessing for Benjamin, the youngest son. It can also be seen as a prophecy, and Jacob is saying that the tribe of Benjamin will be like ravenous wolves that devour their prey and divide the spoil. We see people from the tribe of Benjamin all throughout the Bible. Some examples are King Saul, Mordecai, and the apostle Saul.