Exodus 1:12 Where else do we see this in the Bible? What does this say about how God cares for his people?

God’s people were being oppressed and they continued to multiply. In the New Testament there was oppression in the church and yet people continued to multiply. God cares about his people despite the persecution and oppression. He is still going to provide for them and be faithful to them.

Exodus 1:15-22 Did God reward the midwives for lying?

No; he rewarded the midwives for fearing God more than Pharaoh. God dealt well with them because of their fear of God.

Exodus 2:23-25 Did God forget about his covenant with Abraham?

No. When God made the covenant with Abraham he told Abraham that he would remember the covenant.

Is there a reason why the Egyptians wanted the Israelite boys killed?

The Israelites were growing and Pharaoh was afraid of that. If the boys are taken away (killed), then the girls would have to go to Egypt to have children. Then their race would no longer be pure.

What does “I am” mean? Exodus 3:13-15

God is saying “I will be what you need when you need it”. We see this all throughout the bible and all throughout our lives. This also shows up when Jesus is before the Pharisees. He told them that he is “I am”. When he said this the Pharisees knew that Jesus was claiming to be God.

Where did the Israelites in Exodus come from?

At the end of Genesis Joseph brings his family to Goshen, which is part of Egypt. This family would multiply and grow into a great nation, the nation of Israel. The beginning of Exodus picks up where Genesis leaves off with the 12 tribes of Israel multiplying and growing exceedingly strong.

Exodus 1:15-22 Why did the midwives fear God if he is loving?

The fear of God in this case isn’t a dread or scared type of fear, but rather an awe and respect for God out of a right view of how mighty and holy he is. We should fear God as well, when we see how big and powerful he is, and how little and weak we are. He is God, we are not, so we respect that relationship and have a view of him that is God glorifying.

Exodus 8:16-19 Why couldn’t the magicians recreate this plague after recreating the first two?

Sin can pervert God’s creation. People can make things-take one thing and make it into something else, but people can’t create things, taking nothing and making something from it. The magicians couldn’t create, they could only take something and make it into something else. That’s why only Moses could create gnats from the dust, but the magicians couldn’t. Because only God can create.

Exodus 12:48-49 What does this mean for us today?

At this time the people who were circumcised were the ones who could be God’s people. People who weren’t even Jews could become part of that nation, by being circumcised. It’s the same for us today. Jesus came to save everyone, not just a select few. We should be looking for all sorts of people to become part of the family, because Jesus died for everyone.

Exodus 15 Why did Moses lead the Israelites in a song right after they crossed the Red Sea?

They wanted to thank and praise God. They were really excited that they were saved from the Egyptians. We learn and remember things through song, and they were making a memory through that song. They were searing in their memory how good God really is.

Were Pharaoh’s’ magicians using Satan’s power or was it just a trick?

It could be either, but either way they were perverting creation instead of doing what God told them to do.

Did the crossing of the Red Sea take a few hours or days?

It took all night for them to cross the Red Sea.

Why would darkness (the ninth plague) be such a big punishment?

There is fear attached to darkness, and it illustrates what it’s like to be without God. Each of the plagues shows an element of what life is like when we don’t have God in it, and darkness is one of those aspects.

Wouldn’t hardening Pharaoh’s heart interrupt the free will he has given people?

Free will is an earthly perspective of things. God says he is the beginning and end, alpha and omega; He is the start and finisher of our faith. God already knows the decisions we are going to make, so it shouldn’t concern us whether Pharaoh hardened his own heart or if God did it, because God gives us the power to believe or not.

If Egyptians had done the Passover ritual, would they have been saved?

Yes, God would save anyone.

Why did God kill the firstborn children? They were innocent, wasn’t it Pharaoh’s fault?

Yes, they were innocent. But the wages of sin is death. Pharaoh sinned, and sin affects other people. In this case Pharaoh’s sin affected many.

Why did God need males to get circumcised?

When God made the covenant with Abraham, only God walked through the pieces. So circumcision was how Abraham showed God that he agreed to the covenant.

Were all the Israelites saved from the Passover?

Probably not. There were many Israelites who were stubborn, who heard the truth of God and refused to accept it.

If things were not done exactly as asked, would the angel pass?

No. Things needed to be done how they were asked otherwise death would come to their doorstep.