Creating Curriculum

Here you will find the tools you need to create curriculum for your small group. By going through these resources one by one, you will create curriculum that is well thought out and beneficial for your students.

Intro to Creating Curriculum:

In this resource you will find the overview and outline for how to create Bible curriculum. It will take you through the nine steps we suggest following when breaking down Scripture, as well as answer the “why” behind creating curriculum.


Curriculum Example (John 2):

Here you will find a sample session following the outline provided in the Creating Curriculum Intro. This is meant to be an example of what a session might look like, but of course your focal points may vary slightly. Keep in mind that this sample is fairly extensive, so don’t be intimidated by it. It’s meant to help give you guidelines, but not to be a one-size-fits-all example.

Sample Questions (John 2):

These sample questions are pulled from the John 2:1-12 Curriculum Example. Again, these are some examples of questions you might ask. You may be able to barrel through 20 in one session, or maybe only 3, so keep in mind the needs of your small group when formulating questions. The goal is to get them talking, examining, and thinking critically about Scripture for themselves with the help of their leaders and peers.

Curriculum Template:

Here you will find a blank template for creating your own curriculum or for having your students fill in answers as you work through a text with them.

Question Template:

This is also a blank template where you can create your own questions for your group, or have your students write down questions they may have about the Bible.

Curriculum Manual:

Lastly, here you have the Curriculum Manual as a whole. In it, you have the John 2 study as well as 4 other sessions from different Bible texts. You can use this as a primer for yourself, or as a guide with your students.