HS Week #4: Leave Comfort

HS Director, Sean Duncan speaking on Mark 1:6-8. He spoke about God’s call for us to leave comfort, be courageous, and share Jesus with others.

Mark 1:6-8

6 Now John was clothed with camel’s hair and wore a leather belt around his waist and ate locusts and wild honey. 7 And he preached, saying, “After me comes he who is mightier than I, the strap of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie. 8 I have baptized you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

Mark 1:6

John since birth has been called by God for a purpose.

– Give warning, baptism of repentance, out in the desert.

John at any point could have taken the easy route, socially reputable, and admirable position of Priest since his dad was a priest, he could have taken the comfort, the easy way.

Johns message is uncomfortable because it is challenging to the Jewish culture and way of thinking.

For many Jews if felt like John was changing everything, challenging how they are currently living and how they are relating to God, but he’s not changing anything.

God always intended to take His people to something bigger and better, John is simply calling people towards that.

John is calling people to see the bigger picture of God’s plan. He is doing so uncomfortably both because of his setting but also because of how it challenges the Israelites

When God calls people to serve him it usually looks uncomfortable and like something you otherwise wouldn’t want to do!

John was commissioned to leave the comfort for the calling. We even see this in Jesus.

God existed perfectly in Himself. In our rebellion we have separated ourselves from God. In our disobedience, rebellion and sin we deserve nothing from God but His judgement.

Yet God, since genesis, has had a rescue plan in place for humanity because of his Goodness, not because we deserve it in anyway. That’s unmerited favor. That’s Grace. God saw pain and suffering in the world. His fix to our problem is entering into creation. Taking that suffering upon himself.

Our God. The God of the universe knows pain, knows suffering, knows discomfort. Jesus left the comfort for the calling.

Mark 1:7

So remember Johns purpose. Go before the Lord to prepare his ways. Give knowledge of salvation to his people.

John proclaims he is nothing in comparison to who is to come. John is saying the person to come is so great that he isn’t even worthy to do the work of a slave.

John could have let people think he was amazing, but instead he points to Christ. John is called to point to Jesus and the Kingdom of God

We are called to point to Jesus and the Kingdom of God. It is uncomfortable, sometimes not well received, and not a popular move. But God commands us to leave the comfort of the world for the calling of the Kingdom.

So whats so much better about who is coming after John? Well he tells us.

Mark 1:8

John knows that his baptism won’t save people and that it doesn’t last. But John is saying Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus brings something that is effective, permanent, and better than what they had. Jesus purifies with God, by the power of God, through the sacrifice of God (Jesus). Jesus washes us clean with the Holy Spirit. Jesus gives us a hope for the Holy Spirit and for an image of Purity before God.

Water purification was to make someone clean so they could go into the dwelling place of God. Jesus will purify you with the Holy Spirit so God can dwell in you and you can dwell with God for eternity

But how can he do this?

  • Jesus lived a perfect life through faith you receive that image of righteousness
  • Jesus dies the death that you that we deserve so through faith our debt is paid by his blood.

If you don’t know Jesus, aren’t a walking christian why does this matter? Everyone in history has been trying to do something to make themselves presentable in order to get to God.

Through Jesus, God has done something to make you presentable in order to get you to him.

God commands us to leave the comfort of the world for the calling of the Kingdom and a lot of the time the calling of the Kingdom is uncomfortable. Jesus calls us to proclaim the gospel to all tongues and nations.

Are you reaching out to your class mate? Eternity is a long time. How can anyone call on Christ if they haven’t heard his gospel?

Just as John was sent to point and proclaim Christ you and I are also sent to point and proclaim Christ.

Have a Gospel conversation with someone at school. Tell someone this week how Jesus is better. Leave the comfort for the calling

Those who are Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ. Wednesday nights is a gathering of family. Church on Sunday is your family in God.

Stop hanging on to your couple friends for comfort. Get to know one another from other schools let your family grow. Community is important. People to hold us accountable, encourage us, be there for us. Get to know someone new that doesn’t go to your school and that you don’t know.

You can either be comfortable or courageous but you cant be both.

And we can have hope in giving up our comfort for the calling of the kingdom. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Sharing Jesus, community, and scripture.

You and I can leave the comfort of the world for the calling of the kingdom because Jesus left the comfort of the kingdom for Gods calling to the world.

Jesus took on flesh, lived a perfect life and died a death of punishment on a cross that you and I deserve.

On the days that we choose the comfort over the calling we have Grace knowing our image rests in Jesus’ perfect life. But on those days we are also reminded it is our sin that put him to death on the cross.

Jesus calls us to repent of our sin and believe that he is our righteousness, and that it is his blood that washes us clean purifying us with the Holy Spirit and that he has conquered sin and death by his resurrection and now reigns enthroned at the right hand of God.

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