HS Week #36: Co-Laborers with Christ


Jesse Aguero, discipleship pastor at UFC, continued our sermon series in 1st Corinthians 3:4-9. He reminded us of our assignment. That we have been assigned by God to plant, water, and harvest. Remembering that regardless of our assignment, we are one in our labor, it is God who does the work not us.


  • The people telling Paul they follow him or Apollos and not God. Telling them they are acting as though they are people of the flesh even though they are people of God.
  • How often is it that you catch yourself falling into your fleshly idols? Though you are a Spiritual person, a person of God, you get caught up in the flesh.
  • We cannot live on milk forever. We need to grow in our spiritual maturity and move past the milk and begin to eat the meat of Scripture.

1st Corinthians 3:4-9

  • When you talk about the people you follow, not Jesus, you are acting nearly human. You are acting on the flesh and not as a spiritual person should.

“Servants through whom you believe. . .”

  • We are servants. We are the lowest of the low. We are servants through who we believe. Status is not something that is of significance to us.

“As the Lord assigned to each.” 

  • Who are you assigned to? Who has God placed in your life to pour into? To help believe in God? This should come to you easily.
  • Now, who has God assigned to you? Who has he placed in your life to help you know, love, and obey God? Who has he placed in your life to help disciple you?
  • With the organization I used to work with we would go into a 3 week long summer intensive. We would go out to this property and we were given a role to serve at camp. One time I was given the “the pits” as my assignment where I was in charge of scrubbing pots and pans all day, serving others. I was on assignment and people responded. At the end of camp people chose Jesus.
  • See at this camp we were all equal in our assignment. Even though I was in “the pits”, I was just as equal and important to the person speaking at camp and the people on the zip-line.
  • What is your assignment? Are you on assignment, do you see yourself on assignment? You are. We have been given an assignment by God, to go and make disciples. So I ask you again, are you on assignment?

Planting and Watering

  • We built a new house a few years ago. We had a landscaper. Me. Near our driveway there is this VERY tough ground. I tried for weeks to dig into this dirt and do something to make it look beautiful. . . I couldn’t. I gave up an decided to put bark mulch over it and call it quits.
  • See but the other day I was spraying the weeds and my wife says “Look at how well those flowers are coming in!” I thought she was talking about the weeds I was spraying. She was, the weeds I was spraying were beautiful flowers my wife had planted.
  • My wife put in little effort to make these plants grow and I put in a ton of work and nothing happened. See the one who plants and the on who waters is nothing without God.

John 15:6-7

6 If anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire, and burned. 7 If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

  • See rather, he who plants and he who waters are one. It is God who does the growth. We are one in Christ and we perform our different tasks or assignments.
  • See in heaven we are given a reward for our labor. Just as we would on earth, in heaven we will receive a reward/wage. I don’t fully understand it but there will be a reward for our labor.
  • For example, if my son was doing well all week. Listening to me and caring about what is going on in our lives than that weekend we are go on a family vacation, it will be more fun for him because he is caring, listening and invested in our lives that week. But if my daughter isn’t having as good of a week, not listening, being mean, and not caring about what we are doing, the weekend won’t be as fun for her. Not that her mom or I will love her any less but that she will regret not being more invested in the last week.

God’s Field

  • As a plant in God’s field, how is the soil of your heart? Are you doing what you can to foster growth with God in your heart?
  • Are you asking God what he is doing inside of you? What he is doing in Eugene? Are you tending to the soil of your heart? Are you feeding  nutrients or spraying poison?
  • We are God’s fellow workers/laborers.

Matthew 9:38

38 therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

  • You guys in Eugene Oregon, the harvest in plentiful but the the laborers are few. We are invited to be fellow workers with God.
  • How did this happening? We are co-heirs with Christ. We should look out and recognize that the laborers are few so pray earnestly for God to send out laborers.
  • See you guys, I am off the hook. I got the opportunity to work tonight. I got to help plant but I may never see the full growth of this plant. You may leave here and bring revival to Eugene or you may leave here and do nothing.
  • My prayer is that you are convicted by God to join him in the planting and watering of his people. To see that you are in Gods field which is ripe for the harvest.

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