HS Week #33: Dependent on God’s Wisdom

Bria Connolly speaking on 1st Corinthians 2:10-16. She spoke about the Holy Spirit and who he is, encouraging us to rely on him to for our wisdom. She challenged us to reflect on how much we rely on God, reminding that he did everything and we did nothing to deserve to his grace.

1st Corinthians 2:10-16

  • Intro: Recap “these things” The hidden wisdom of God is for believers. God is giving his people glimpses of an unsearchable God, a chance to know him. To know him by His word and His Spirit. “A creature cannot possibly understand his creator”, yet God’s word reveals his character, we get the chance to know him. God’s rules only apply to his family, and God’s word has to be in the context of the gospel. I want you to think about tonight how cool it is that we get to know God. We aren’t worthy of it, and we didn’t do anything to deserve it, but we want to know him. I pray that we walk away tonight excited about the fact that we get to know him.
  • v. 10
    • Things that are “spiritual” does not mean that they are from the Spirit of God, remember He is not an adjective
    • We have to remove cultural ideas about the Spirit and replace them with what scripture says. When we think of “spiritual” we think of just being into spiritual things. But Paul here thinks of the Spirit of God, not just vague spirituality.
    • The Spiritual person is only the person who has been born again by the Spirit of God.
    • Who is the Spirit?:
      • The Spirit is NOT a force. Don’t think Star Wars, or a feeling, or the wind.
      • The Spirit is the third PERSON of the trinity Matt. 28:19
      • John 14:26 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.”
      • He is a helper, bringing truth to God’s people. He is with us, always present. He is active. So, the Spirit is God, he is active, he is present, and he is with us.
    • After we see who the Spirit is, we continue into verse 10, “The Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” Because the Spirit is God, He fully knows the depths of God and bridges the chasm between the deep things of God and the human heart, allowing us to understand the message of the cross, which is otherwise incomprehensible. We can’t understand who God is without the Spirit. Even when we came to know Jesus, that wasn’t us working—that was the Spirit, it was God giving us the ability to understand the cross.
    • In John 14:26 when the Holy Spirit is called our helper, that isn’t saying that he is going to help us live a rich lifestyle, or get the girl you want to date, or to help you feel happy, it’s way bigger than that. The Spirit of God is helping you to understand God’s truth, because without Him, you couldn’t.
    • Think about the truth of the cross. God, made man, crucified for us. There is nothing in the story of God that makes sense to our natural mind. What other god would sacrifice himself for those that should serve him? What other god would show compassion on a people that turned their back on him? What other god would beg for their forgiveness as he gasped for his last breathe with nails in his hands? What God would do this? The Spirit gives us the ability to understand that it is the One True God who would do this, that He is worth our attention.
    • So, guess what? If this is a truth that you have believed on, the Spirit of God gave you the ability to do that. He lives in you, giving you the ability to understand truth in a world that sees truth as foolishness.
    • And once we have even a taste of the goodness of the true story, of God’s story, the wisdom of the world loses its flavor we start to see that we want God to be our wisdom, we want the Holy Spirit to be our wisdom…and we can’t take any credit for our change. The wisdom of God used to be foolish to us, but now that God has revealed his wisdom to us, the wisdom of the world is foolish to us.
    • Think about this: When you were first learning math, did it make sense? When you saw all of those numbers on the board with weird “x” signs and dots and other symbols, did it make sense what they were for? No…someone had to show you. A teacher had to come alongside you and explain why 1+1 is always going to be 2. That is what the Holy Spirit is doing, on a much higher level. He is bringing our minds to a place where we can begin to grasp the story of God, his plan for salvation, and why once we have seen who He is, He is the only wisdom that makes sense. The Spirit is teaching us why God himself must be our source of wisdom.
  • V. 11
    • And why can he teach us? The Holy Spirit can teach us, because He is God Himself. He’s reiterating his point again. God gives us himself, to live within us, to help us to understand Him and what it looks like to do life with Him.
  • V. 12
    • So, as followers of Jesus we are called to listen to him. He is speaking, by His spirit giving us understanding of His word. And so he deserves our attention. We have God’s Word right in front of us, and we have the Spirit living inside of us to make sense of His words; the Spirit makes sense of God’s Word so we can understand his wisdom.
    • We also see a competing spirit here, the spirit of the world. There are other spirits that want to tell you what is true.
    • When we listen to the Spirit of God through the revelation of his word, the foolishness of the world is exposed.
    • But what happens when we stop wanting to hear from him? We settle into a routine of not reading the scriptures, of not going to him in prayer, we discard that relationship. The world’s foolishness begins to be our wisdom.
    • Everything you believe comes from somewhere. Everything you hold onto right now comes from something. Maybe it is from your parents, or a teacher, or from your experiences, but no matter what it is, you have been shaped. But God wants to be our wisdom. As followers of Jesus, we get the chance to be shaped by him.
    • As a people who call on the name of Jesus 1 Corinthians is telling us that we have the possibility of understanding the things freely given us by God. We have the Spirit living inside of us, illuminating the Scriptures. Because we know him and have his Spirit and know his word, we get the possibility to be shaped by who God is, by knowing Him, by His Holy Spirit.
  • V. 13-14
    • And we get this privilege because the moment you accept Jesus for who He is, you believe on the mystery of the cross, His life for yours, you are now a “spiritual” person as Paul is stating here in v. 13.
    • These spiritual people he is referencing are a people led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, a work only God can do. So, as believers, you’re different. You are going to have a different grasp of the scriptures, of the mysteries of God than someone who His Spirit doesn’t live in.
    • That is why we don’t debate theology with those who don’t know Jesus. There is an understanding in believers that is a work of the Spirit. Just like initial belief is the work of the Spirit. So, it is not your work to try and convince anyone.
  • V. 15
    • Because the Holy Spirit lives in you, He is showing you the truth about spiritual life. You are able to discern what is in line with His scriptures, and what is not. What a life alive looks like.
    • The spiritual person can be judged by no one, speaks to the fact that not only can non-believers not grasp the mysteries of God, but they cannot understand His people.
    • It is RIGHT if you seem crazy to your non-christian peers. It should make sense. If it wasn’t for the Spirit’s work in you, you would think the same thing.
    • So this should give us hope. Hope that God is at work, and that when we don’t fit the mold we are seeing the truth of these scriptures play out. This should make us humble. There should be no sense of pride but a humility in the fact that a great God should reveal Himself, and it is NOTHING that you did.
    • This should make us urgent. These people all around us who don’t know the mysteries of God, who don’t understand the beauty of His gospel, they are not too far off. We don’t know who God is working in, who His Spirit is making ready to understand the truth of the gospel. So we must share it, in it’s simplicity. We share the simple truth that was shared with us and pray that God would reveal himself to those who don’t know him.
  • V. 16
    • Here Paul is quoting Isaiah 40:13 “Who has measured the Spirit of the Lord, or what man show him his counsel?”
    • No one knows the mind of God, and man cannot grasp the mind of God autonomously from God’s word. We have seen people wanting this all throughout history, from the garden to the tower of Babel. People want to know what God knows, and they want it without God. Creation desires to have God’s mind, to know what he knows.
    • Well, then the next phrase sounds kind of crazy. We have the mind of Christ? I thought no one could grasp the mind of God?
    • The believer has the mind of Christ because he has the Bible, the revelation of God’s mind. The Bible is being illuminated by God’s Spirit to those who believe, and in this way we get to begin understand God. This is what puts every other form of wisdom to shame. Creator God has given us His story, and given those who believe his spirit so that they can understand it. He has given even the ability to believe in the first place.
    • Are you letting God be your wisdom?
    • We live in this crazy beautiful mystery, but how dependent are you on it being true? If we’re being honest with ourselves, we’re not dependent on him all the time. What would it look like if this was true to you?
    • If we lived lives dependent on His story, dependent on His revelation, dependent on His Spirit that lives in us, not in a “what school should a go to” kind of way, but in an every moment breathe in, breathe out kind of way, we would look radically different.
    • This is his point here. All of these things you are hearing right now, they are TRUE and God wants to reveal Himself to you, He wants to know you, He wants a people dependent, dependent on His word and dependent on His spirit.
    • But he also sees the reality that we try to do life without the Helper. He sees that we want God to be what we believe in so that we can claim we believe something, and so we can have some sense of security in where we are going when we die. And that’s where we stop.
    • DO NOT STOP THERE. The Helper, The Holy Spirit, “he will teach you things” not just once, but in every moment. God is active, in us, with us, and if we ignore this and see God as only a start point and an end point after we die, we are missing the his wisdom all together.
    • True wisdom is in our dependence on Him. Nothing the world can offer is as sweet as that.
    • How dependent are you? How dependent are you on your Helper, your teacher?
    • How deep does it sink in that YOU have the chance to begin to grasp the heart an mind of God? And we, even myself, when we woke up this morning, just walk past God’s word pretending like it’s not there. And we miss out.
    • It’s here in His word. That we would grasp the story leading to the cross, the story of our redemption, and the continuing work of God’s Holy Spirit.
    • Let him be your wisdom. Be dependent on him in every moment. See the transformation of a person shaped by the wisdom of God.

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