A Student Perspective: Mouthpiece of God

Andrew Meyers (a student in UFC’s high school group) reflects on Dave’s last teaching and what he wants to do moving forward. Here Andrew talks about the vision for the youth group as Dave leaves for two months to go through treatment, and what he expects to see God do in that time with the youth.


Dave talked on Wednesday about how important it is for us as believers to be obligated to share our faith to those around us. By being obligated to share the gospel, we become a mouthpiece for God, similar to how Paul was a mouthpiece for the Gentiles and the Jews.

I can apply the idea of being a mouthpiece for God in all aspects of my life, wether it be in my daily routine or in situations that are outside my comfort zone. Knowing that I am obligated to preach the gospel affects how I carry out my day at school, leading me to make conscious decisions about how I love other people.

Some people need to feel loved, and by one little act of kindness and love, they might see Jesus in that.

People need someone to explain to them who Jesus really is, and I can explain who Jesus is to me, and once they know who he is the door for salvation is opened to them. 

So, by doing something as simple as having positive relationships and interactions that point to Jesus in those relationships, I can be a mouthpiece for God.

What makes me excited about being obligated to share my faith is the opportunities that come with it. Opportunities that lead to new relationships, as well as adding meaning to relationships I already have. Opportunities that lead to a deepened connection in my own faith as I come to find God and his love in different and new ways.

What makes me nervous is not necessarily having one leader to turn to for a couple of months in rougher times. However, what is cool about that is that I’ll get to see how different leaders will step up and be open to helping out.

Dave being absent for a while also opens up the opportunity for fellow students and other people in the youth group to step up and lead.

My hope for our youth group in the time without Dave, is that they can find the confidence to be in charge of their own faith, to go out and be eager to love others and be that mouthpiece for God.

Our youth group will continue to meet and dive into the gospel, and I hope that happens in unprecedented ways, even without one key leader.

It would be cool to see others step up and discover a newfound eagerness to get into the Word with friends where everyone pushes each other to get deeper in the faith.

– Andrew Meyers

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