An Update Letter From Dave Williams: In His Care

In this post Dave Williams writes a letter in regards to his cancer, hope in Jesus, thankfulness for the youth, and how we can move forward from here.


First off, I can’t express enough the tremendous appreciation I have for each and every one of you. It has truly been an honor to be a part of your lives and to have had the opportunity to serve your young men and women. It always impresses me to see their faithfulness to show up each week—rain or shine—to search God’s Word. I look forward to my small groups, and not only that but they are life-giving to me. I enjoy watching them each Wednesday and Thursday night, worshipping God and opening up their Bible as we, together, learn more about Him.

However, my purpose in this letter is not only to express how blessed I am by these young men and women. 

In case you weren’t at church on Sunday and did not hear, I want to let you in to what is going on in my life. Awhile ago I started having some health issues that needed to be looked at. As the doctors were running their tests they noticed a small tumor on my Pancreas. This led to more tests being done and ultimately being re-diagnosed with Large B-cell Lymphoma. Of course, at the age of 37, this is not pleasant news, but not earth-shattering either. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God knows exactly what He is doing. This does mean that I will start Chemo-therapy this next week and will eventually have to undergo another Bone-Marrow transplant.

The treatment will render me unable to do one of things I most enjoy: leading small groups. It is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye for now while I focus on the new road that God has put me on. It hurts to know that I wont be able to see them each week but, again, I trust God knows what He is doing.

This past week I have been doing some reflecting. It is funny though, it hasn’t been on my situation—It has been on God’s goodness. Frank Gifford, a Hall of Fame football player, died of cancer nearly two years ago. Shortly after his death his wife had this to say about his relationship with God:

His world got smaller as his God got bigger, and he’d want you to know that, that he died in complete peace. He knew every sin he committed was forgiven.”

I have that same peace. I know that God will keep me on this earth as long as he wants and he will take me home the second he wants me to be home. I know where that home is and what price had to be paid for me to go there. I am so in love with Christ and feel so thankful that He calls me his son.

So thank you, thank you for allowing me a place to serve and consider it pure joy that I had that opportunity. Please keep my family, my wife Cynthia and my two kids Grace and Jack, in your prayers. They trust God, but at the same time would love their husband and dad around a little longer.

In his care,

Dave Williams

3 thoughts on “An Update Letter From Dave Williams: In His Care

  1. Dave, I don’t know you well, but you have always made me feel loved and welcolmed. Your smile is an invitation into Gods great kingdom. Your shining spirit lights the riom and encourages others to want to know JESUS! I woll keep praying for you and your family as I believe your work here isn’t done. You are one of the Main attractions at UFC… love prayers and faithfulness. Ginger Ward


    1. You already know how MUCH we love you and appreciate you and Cynthia’s true blue forever friendship! We are praying for God’s peace, grace, and healing as well as comfort and strength for the family! xoxo Nancy Harvey


  2. Dave, It grieved me to hear this sad, sad news. But I know what you’d say,God Has a plan, for all this ,we may not now know or know for a very long time. I pray that when times get the hardest your trusting ,encouraging attitude won’t change. I do know that we must let his will be done in all this.I’ve known you 6 years now? As long as ive know you have been a good example of how to trust God.Ill be trusting and praying as you and your family turn to another difficult and hard to understand chapter in your life. Again I’m am grieved you have to go through this .God had used you to be a very big impact in my life.Ill do what I can to be supportive ,which often is encouraging others,and praying. Ill keep you ,your family and those who know you in my prayers.


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