MS Week #4: Relationship & Reverence

Dave William’s teaching from Sunday morning middle school group. He spoke on Psalm 119:25-32. He focused on the importance of having a reverence for Christ by coming to him with all our life – the good and the bad.

Psalm 119:25-32

The theme of the bible is that we need God to do something; we can’t live our lives on our own. The more we understand that the more God will mean to us. Life outside Christ doesn’t work.

We need him to create us, save us, forgive us, sustain us, give us purpose, forgive us again, dust us off when we fall, and put people in our lives to make it meaningful.

We all have a strong respect for gravity. If I tell you to jump off a roof, you wouldn’t do it because you know that you would fall. You know that you would fall because you know what gravity is and trust that it is true. For some reason we don’t have the same fear or reverence for God. We tend not to move and shape our lives in the way that God has for us. We need a greater understanding of who God is so he can continue to shape us.

On a scale of 1-10 how much of a reverence, how much of a respect do you have for God? What does that number mean to you?

Vs. 25 My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word!

“My soul clings to dust.” The soul is life. To cling means to grab ahold of something tightly. These words are powerful because the author is saying that they are at a place where their life is trying to hold onto something but –  just like grabbing dust – they can’t get their hands around it. They can grab and grab but it escapes through their hands every time.

When I talk with young people I am conflicted. I am conflicted by what I know to be true and what my mind says about your maturity.

My mind says you are not mature enough, you are too young to actually have a deep and serious relationship with Christ but the truth is you can. You can have a relationship with Christ that can move you to tears, move you to action, one that is filled with gratitude and appreciation for what Christ has done.

Here is an example of a teen that wasn’t clinging to the dust. In Asia in the 1970s, communist soldiers discovered an illegal bible study. Men with guns suddenly broke into the home, terrorizing the believers who had gathered to worship. The leading officer took the pastor’s bible and told them they will let the believers go if they spat on the bible. A soldier pointed the gun at each person and made them spit on the bible, and allowed them to leave when they did so. When a 16 year old girl came forward, she picked up the bible and wiped the spit off with her dress. “What have they done with your Word? Please forgive them,” she prayed. The communist soldier put his pistol to her head and pulled the trigger.

This young girl didn’t cling to the dust. She wanted the life that could only be found in Christ. She made her relationship with God real.

Look at the 1-10 scale again. What number do you think that 16 year old girl was at? What would it take for your number to change?

Vs. 26 When I told you of my ways, you answered me; teach me your statutes!

The author is saying that he told on himself. If you want to start hearing from God, you need to tell on yourself. Go to God regularly and let him know you. Tell him about the good things and bad things in your life. Your sin and your joy.

There is an old hymn called, “What a friend we have in Jesus.”

Some of the lyrics say,

“What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear
And what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer

Oh, what peace we often forfeit, Oh, what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer”

Joseph Scrivens was the person who wrote this song. At 25 years old he met the love of his life. The day before their wedding she died in a drowning accident. He then moved to Canada to restart his life and met another woman and they were engaged to be married, and she too died shortly before they could be married. At the same time he received news that his mom, who lived in Ireland, was dying. He never got a chance to see her before she died and it was at this moment that he wrote that hymn.

In this song, he was telling on himself to God. He was sharing his life with God. God is where his strength and life came from. He lost everything but found the one thing that truly matters, finding a life in Jesus Christ.

We need to tell on ourselves to God, to grow and deepen our relationship with him, so our reverence for him grows and deepens.

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