HS Week # 4: You – Small Group – Church

Dave William’s teaching from Wednesday’s high school group. He summarized last weeks teaching on the importance of building up our relationship with Christ and focused on building out ourselves, our small groups and our church. This week we had a “do piece” and encouraged the youth to pray over areas they feel God has called them, their small groups and the church to build out and serve.


  • “ So with yourselves, since you are eager for manifestations of the Spirit, strive to excel in building up the church.” 1 Cor. 14:12
  • We spoke about two concepts: Building up and building out.
  • Building up is focusing on our relationship with Christ
    • Which means devoting ourselves to getting to know Christ.
    • It is the whole Mary & Martha story. Martha was working and Mary was sitting at Christ’s feet. We sit while HE stands.

Build Out

  • We spoke about how the togetherness means to be unified and committed to each other. It is a unique thing that is only found inside of church. God adds to that and the result is God, manifesting Himself in our community.
  • This is to be done daily and truly be seen as a family.
  • The results are the church unified, magnified, and multiplied.

As any has need Acts 2:42 -47

  • Let’s look at vs 45, “And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.”
  • They didn’t just serve just to serve or distribute what they had for distribution sake. They gave as they saw need.
  • That means their hearts were moved by someones need and filled it.
  • Each of us are going to connect with needs differently—that is why we need the whole Body.
  • You have some that truly connect to the homeless, others connect with serving the elderly. The point is to hear the needs and let God speak to you how you can fill it.


  • You, Small Group, and Church Goals, you need all 3:
    1. You goals—things God is asking you to do in your own individual walk with God.
    2. Small groups—things God is asking your small group to do to build out in your schools or building up your peers.
    3. Church Goals—things God is asking you to do to build up the church or build out your community.
      • Inside the church
        • Mid-school: Table leaders and event helpers.
        • Babies and Toddlers: There is a big need for this but it is also a way in which you get to know adults in the church.
      • Connect Team
        • What is it: A student leadership team that helps assist in set-up and tear down for Youth group. Helps make sure everyone is connected.
        • How: They are aware of all of our events and helping our body know when they are. They are on the look out for their peers that are not connected to a small group and get them plugged in.
        • When: If you are interested in joining this team you need to meet Aly Oct 5th at 6pm here at the Barn.
      • Outreach
        • Sack Lunch: Every other Sunday after church.
          • Meet at the Barn and then we head downtown to serve a meal and pray with some folks.
        • HYS: Serve a meal every-other-month starting in October. The purpose of this is to be the hands of Jesus but also to gain empathy by seeing our peers currently living on the streets.
        • Shower the people: This is coming up where we will be offering showers in a new shower trailer that we purchase specifically to serve the homeless this way. It will give us another opportunity to share the Gospel.
      • Fam Vibes
        • Fall Day-all-day: 10am at the Lehnert’s: 2237 Cal Young.
          • What: Brunch at 10am then going to an Orchard to pick apples and head back to make cider. Done at 4pm.
          • Why: Because verse 46 says day-by-day. We spend time together.
          • Come for all come for a little.
        • Homecoming prep: Opening the Barn for girls to come prep.


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