Ripple Effect

Constant Steady Brother Loving Thoughtful Selfless Supportive Fiercely-Loyal Compassionate Truthful Passionate Patient Fun Firm Comfortable Helpful Good-Example Informative Funny Smart Driver Geek Graceful Leader Willing Incredible Friend Confidant Genuine Persistent Kind-Hearted Kind Loving Responsible Transitional Conversationalist Welcoming Icebreaker Best-Friend Cool Prayerful Jokester Invested

All of the words you read above were said during an affirmation circle for one of our favorite guys: Josh Frank. Josh has served on the youth team at UFC for over 5 years, and in that time has built quite the reputation (obviously). Now, he is leaving the staff team to pursue new career opportunities her in Eugene (So don’t worry, we will still get to have him around).

How does someone leave this kind of impact?

Why can a circle of people speak words of affirmation that not only speak of unbelievable character, but that are also 100% true?

Why do youth and leaders alike show up on one of their summer nights to celebrate an individual?

Because God is using leaders who have vision and dedication to create a ripple effect.

Not only is God transforming their hearts, but the hearts of those they come in contact with.

Not because a youth leader is the smartest, the coolest, or the most fun (even though Josh is), but because leaders are chasing after Jesus and His vision for His children. That the children of God are to be loved, shepherded, known, and built up. Because the most influential leaders know that they leave behind people who will continue where they left off, because they trust Jesus to finish the work He has begun.

The ripple effect of one person committed to the gospel, one person willing to say “yes” to what God has for them, can move a group into something huge. It can move a group of people to want the same, and as people take on that same gospel commitment the effect could be worldwide.

That’s why we celebrate people like Josh. People who dedicate their lives to all Jesus would ask of them leave behind something far greater than a legacy, they leave behind people who are excited about dedicating their lives to Jesus too.

That is our prayer for our youth, that they would be excited about dedicating all that they are to Jesus, that they would grow into the leaders who show others how to do the same, and that the ripple effect would continue far beyond what we could ever imagine.

Thank you Josh for being a friend, leader, and every other word that has been said of you. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.


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