JH Ranch Day 2

28 hours have passed, 68 remain, and God is at work.

After 5 hours of bus-bonding time, we showed up to camp this afternoon ready for action. The day commenced with swim tests, a picnic dinner, and a session of worship and a message from our very own Connor Johnson.

Unity had already been established, so Connor gave us a new challenge: what would it look like if everyone decided to drop their masks and be transparent?

For some, this looks very difficult. There is a lot of hurt, confusion, or frustration that lingers beneath the surface. Transparency is hard and it takes time, but it begins with talking. So we talked.

Throw a group of middle schoolers together who just met each other, ask them to open up about their lives, and you might be met with a lot of silence.

Throw a Pursuing and All-Knowing God into the mix, and he begins to transform that silence and shame into something beautiful.

Day one was met with unity, excitement, running and screaming.

Day one was met with with a challenge to be vulnerable, and kids trying to figure out what that looks like.

Most importantly, day two was met with a loving God, a God who is intimately involved in the affairs of middle schoolers, a God who is relentless in his pursuit of the hurting children he loves.

God Almighty was here today, and if we know anything about him, we know he will be faithful to finish what he started.


How you can pray for us:

-for the Spirit to be working in kids’ hearts tonight and tomorrow: opening them up to the gospel, to relationship, to transparency.

-for leaders and kids to be rested and ready to receive all that day 2 holds.

-for Connor: continued clarity, protection, boldness, rest and excitement over the gospel. For connections and conversations with kids to be established.

-for deepened relationships between: leaders to leaders, kids to kids, kids to leaders.

-for the worship team: excitement and perseverance in worship.

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