River Trips

UFC Youth spends a lot of the summer on the river.

From the Klamath, to the Umpqua, to the McKenzie, each trip offers a unique experience and adventure.

Yes, it is a chance to get outside and experience some true, Oregon, summer fun.

Yes, it is relief from hot days and to-do lists.

Yes, it is a memory that will last.

Still, we don’t take them to the river just so they can experience the river. We take them so that they can experience much more.

On the river, stillness is far more accessible. With all of the distractions that surround us every day, the river is a sweet place where quiet is the default. No buzzing, no beeping, no alerts. Being off the grid is a chance to listen for what Jesus has, in an environment that makes that listening a lot easier. Stillness is understood here.

On the river, relationships are built. By the end of these trips, the people in your boat are truly your team. Rowing the route cannot be done well without a team that is in sync, and as the work together they get to know one another in a way that builds trust and friendship.

On the river, God’s creation is on full display. Anywhere you lift your eyes you see his majesty, his handiwork. One can’t help but think of how great he is, and have their mind called back to his goodness. Beauty is one of the wonderful reminders of the graciousness of God. That he would give beautiful things to the people he loves.

The river trips are about so much more than just an adventure. They are one of the ways we see youth build relationships with each other and with their creator.

Go to our trips page to see any upcoming rafting trips, and watch this short video of one of the recent McKenzie trips to see a little of what a day trip could look like:

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