San Fran: Trip Two

No San Fran trip is the same, and that is one of the best things about them.

God is always up to something new and beautiful, even if it is only a week apart.

This truth unfolded on the second trip of 2016. A group of devoted teens headed  South into what was unexpected and nerve-wracking for most of them, and they dove right in.

Each one met challenges with excitement, and most importantly with prayer. Prayer became the default reaction, the first choice. Not only prayer for those and the streets, but for each other.

The streets became a place for ministry, but also for friendship. The people of the tenderloin were not only faces to recognize, but they were friends to be made. If you look on Instagram, kids were posting pictures with those they now called friends. The impact these people made would be lasting, and one they would remember if to go back the next year.

Jesus built something beautiful week two in the Tenderloin, and he used each of these kids to do it.

Now, being home, God is continuing to use these kids. The goals they made in San Fran will carry through to Eugene, and we will see amazing things here, just like in San Francisco.


Watch this video for a small glimpse of what trip two looked like for these UFC youth:


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