Evangelism Series: Acts 18

cropped-shadow.jpegPriscilla and Aquila: Acts 18:24-28

Apollos is teaching people, and he is almost there, but not quite. We see Aquila and Priscilla pull him aside and train him up so he can start teaching rightly.


-Big city in northern Egypt. It had the biggest library of the world. It was the intellectual hub of the known world at the time—like the Harvard of our time. This is where Apollos was from. He was probably a man who was suave with his words, who had the money to travel to Ephesus. He was likely rich and was educated. He was good with words and good at convincing people with arguments, and had a vast understanding of the OT.

v25—Apollos knows the Scriptures, but only as far as the baptism of John. He’s almost there, but He knows nothing of Jesus. He doesn’t know of Jesus life, death or resurrection.

v26—Priscilla and Aquila

Who are they?

-They are a married couple. Priscilla is the wife, and Aquila is the husband.

-It’s unique that Priscilla’s name is listed first. This was not common in the culture. Women, you should feel incredibly empowered to share the gospel.

-Jesus is probably the figure that had the biggest impact on women’s rights ever. Throughout his life, he addresses them, loves them, teaches them.

-Another thing we see through women being mentioned in Scripture is the validity of Scripture. If someone was trying to make these stories up, they wouldn’t have included women. They weren’t given authority and didn’t have any weight to their words in their culture. The inclusion of women in Scripture shows the validity of it’s reliability.

-Priscilla and Aquila are mentioned earlier in Acts.

-Remember that Apollos is well-educated and rich.

-Priscilla and Aquila, on the other hand, are tent makers. They are Ephesians. They don’t have much status; they are travelers trying to make their living. Their source of self-worth can’t be found in who they are or what they do, because in the worlds eyes they don’t do much. They are considered nobodies.

-But they are able to come and teach Apollos—a man who is considered by the world to be of great worth—because their identities aren’t found in their own status. They are found in Christ and can operate out of the freedom on knowing they are Christ’s. They know that God sees them as clean because of what Jesus has done on the cross for them. They can approach a man of great status because they are not concerned with their own status. They are concerned with who they are in Christ.


We see that Apollos is teaching accurately, he just doesn’t know about Jesus. Notice that Priscilla and Aquila don’t publicly ridicule or accuse him; they pull him aside and teach him what he’s missing. They teach him more accurately about the full truth.

-What we see here is that there is no better way to love someone than to teach them the truth more accurately. It is the most loving thing we can do to accurately teach people about the truth of Christ.

-We don’t see people and let them walk around in their dirty laundry. We help them see their sin. But we don’t publicly put them on blast. The best way to love them is to pull them aside and teach them about where true self-worth is found: in Christ.

-We use Scriptures to show them what is right, not just what is wrong. We teach them accurately.

-Aquila and Priscilla likely had people come alongside them and teach them accurately as well. They weren’t from a well-educated city; they had to be taught at some point.

-When you come here, it is our goal to teach you rightly so you can know the truth accurately. It’s our goal to help you live lives that can help others understand the truth that you’ve been instructed in.

Notice that their love for Apollos doesn’t stop. It’s not a one time thing. They come alongside Apollos and continue with him. They are involved in their church community. They build him up and then they send him out.

-They train up Apollos, and Apollos has a desire to go and continue teaching people, this time with the gospel.

-Aquila and Priscilla build him up to send him out.

-For you, when you are given someone to teach and disciple, it is a life-long process. You help them to understand Scripture and how to live by it, and you continue to be friends with them as they go out and teach other people.

-It would be pretty messed up to see a brother or sister who is living in their dirty laundry—their sin—and not say anything. It might be an awkward and uncomfortable conversation, but if you let them continue to walk around in their filth, you’re not doing them any favors by remaining silent.

-You can be comfortable, or you can be courageous, but you can’t be both. (Sol Rexius)

-It’s not easy to have these conversations, but it is worth it.

The best way to love anybody is to help them love Christ, and if they don’t know Christ, they can’t love Him.

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