Evangelism Acts 2

Equipped in the World


When we encounter the living God, we should want to share that God with other people. Our encounter changes us.

When we have an interaction with God on a daily basis, He becomes alive to us.

Are you walking with a God who’s way out there, in the past? Or are you walking with a God who’s alive and living and breathing right now?

Get back to your first love. Get back to your Living God.

Acts 2:22-28

The thing that changed hearts was not the miracles but the death on the cross. That is the thing that should inspire and encourage us—that a Living God died on the cross for us so we could be brought back to life.

When you realize that God is pursuing you, at some point you will encounter the Living God.

We have to get our minds off the earthly things and on the eternal things. When our minds are on earthly things, we can’t see the eternal things. We can’t see that these moments are fleeting, that we’ve been given opportunities in the short time we have here that can impact people’s eternities.

Remember, we don’t save people—God does. He’s in the saving business, we’re in the proclaiming business.

Some of us will share the gospel and not see any fruit. There are plenty of people in the Bible who didn’t see fruit in their lifetimes. But they planted a whole lot of seeds, and God brought their seeds to fruition later.

A few other points:

What does evangelism actually mean? It’s a Christianese word.

Evangelize: to have a zealous advocacy for a cause.



passionate champions for the cause of Christ

How excited are you for the cause of Christ? Be honest. It’s a starting point.


Acts 6:1-8

The greatest form of evangelism is not your personal testimony but the Word of God. That is the greatest tool in evangelism. The world has to get God words. It’s not that your story doesn’t matter, but who gets the glory? When we give God’s Word primarily, He gets the glory. Can our story open doors? Yes. But our story is not the Word of God.

Some of the greatest evangelists don’t have a story like mine. But they have the Word of God. That holds much more weight.

That’s why we talk about the Word here. That’s why we center our small groups around it. We put it in the center because that’s what will reach the people around us.

You don’t need a story. You just have to know His story really well.

Hellenists: Jews who primarily spoke greek. The Bible was written in Hebrew, so these Jews couldn’t read the Bible. The Hellenists couldn’t read the Bible. In 330 B.C. Jews who spoke Hebrew got together and translated the Bible into a language that the people could understand. That’s evangelism. It is our job to take the Word that God’s given us and make it accessible to the people He’s placed around us who don’t know.

Evangelism looks like taking the Word of God and translating it for the people. It looks like simply taking God’s words and making them accessible to people.

2 Timothy 2:1-2

Take what God has given you—His Word.

If you’re a disciple of God, you should be making others.

Take the Word of God, apply it to your life, and teach others to apply it to their lives. That’s evangelism. You already have the greatest tool you need—you’re equipped with the Word. Take the Word and go.

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