Evangelism: Acts 26

Every Interaction as an Opportunity

Acts 26

Passion looks like when we connect with the mission God has us on. You’ll know you’re connected with Christ when your heartbeat becomes one with His, when you start to care about what He cares about.


The best tool you have in evangelism is the Word of God.

Before I was a Christian, I read the Bible. And I would meet other Christians who didn’t read the Bible and didn’t understand how they didn’t know anything about the God they professed. They didn’t know His Word.

The greater understanding you have of God’s Word, the greater understanding you will have of His gospel.

Prayer is a form of evangelism. People will see you pray and ask why, and you will have an opportunity to share the gospel. When you pray publicly, it shows the world around you that you’re not ashamed of Jesus Christ. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your walk, go outside and pray. Publicly pray. It will lead to things.

When we do all the right things, it can lead to self-righteousness. Take the things you already do in your relationship with God and make them more evident and more public, and you will become an evangelist.

Acts 26:15-23

Paul is in Cesarea and he’s living in prison. Back then, you wouldn’t stay in prison alone—you’d have a guard on your left and a guard on your right chained to you. There was no privacy. The emperor dies and Paul is left sitting in prison for two more years. Festus becomes the new emperor and doesn’t want to hear Paul out, so he sends Paul to King Agrippa who was very immoral. Paul has been shut down for two years and now is asked to speak to someone else. I would have been worn out. But Paul goes out and preaches anyway. He’s been in prison for two years, rotting away, yet he still uses every interaction as an opportunity to share the gospel.

How do we get to the point where we see the gospel this way?

  1. We see that the gospel is for everyone.

-we may be tempted to rule people out and see them as the enemy, but Paul saw that even the person that looks like the enemy is someone to share the gospel with.

-the gospel is for everybody. We don’t get to choose, we just get to proclaim.

2. We are persuaded by Christ.

-disobedience=being unpersuaded. Being obedient means to be persuaded.

-Are you persuaded by Christ? Are you 100% sure that Christ is true, that He is worth everything?

-I see this unpersuasion in young adults a lot, and I’ve been there. We aren’t 100% sure, so we take the reigns of our own life. And we can’t be effective evangelists if we’re not persuaded.

-Paul was 100% persuaded by Christ. He counted everything as loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.

-So do you believe it? Are you fully persuaded? You’ve gotta hold onto that.

-The more persuaded I am by God, the more I’m able to share the gospel.

-My prayer is that you are fully persuaded by Christ, that you let go of the reigns.

3. We report what we’ve seen.

-to declare is to report. That’s our job as Christians.

-our job isn’t to prove who God is; our job is to report about what He’s done. My job is to tell everyone that God is real and how I know that.

-God knows what He’s doing; I’m fully persuaded. And I simply get to report that.

4. We repent and are converted.

-to repent means to turn from something and turn toward something else. It’s not enough to just say “stop sinning.” If that’s all we do, then we’ve missed the point.

-on the flip side, if we just tell people to turn toward something, then we’ve missed it. We can’t turn to Jesus without letting go of our sin.

-We point them to Christ, but we also point them to the fact that they have to let go of their sin and pick up their cross. We’re clear about Christ, but we’re also clear about the cost.

So are you 100% persuaded that Christ is true and worth everything? If you are, everything else will fall into place. Evangelism will naturally follow a persuaded heart.

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