Week 7: What About the Bible?

The Bible

  • God’s Word is being abandoned. In most cases it’s been abandoned for spiritual junk food.
  • I see some of that in Eugene. People take pieces out of it. People take the Word of God and abandon it for spiritual junk food. They are not fed by the Word of God.
  • In our physical bodies, if we eat nothing but junk food our bodies begin to waste away.
  • 2 Kings 22:8

Israel has had a history of kings who have taken the Word of God for granted; they’ve abandoned it.

The nation that God called their own abandoned God.

Hilkiah realizes that the way in which he was trained up was wrong.

Hilkiah is trying to fix this.

He’s reduced the Word of God to a book. We see that today. We see it being introduced into Christian circles. We see it being viewed as a bunch of good messages and stories.

If God is so good and so real, how come we don’t know much about him?

What is the Bible?

When we write out the Word of God, we’re meditating on it. It forces us to slow down and ask what it is really telling us.

We reduce the bible to a book when we just blaze through it. We are to meditate on it.

2 Timothy 3:16

all Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work, which God prepared in advance for him to do.

-not just the Scriptures we like, but all Scripture

-if we truly believe that it is God-breathed, when we understand that it is the true words from God’s mouth, then the Bible is no longer just a book.

-We dig because we find out more of who God is

-This is God’s journal. We’re going to find everything about who God is because He breathed life into it. He’s revealing Himself through this book.

It is inerrant

-inerrancy means that it is incapable of being wrong.

-Titus 1:2—God never lies.

-the Bible is incapable of being wrong.

-John 3:14—The children of Israel began to doubt God again, and God sends serpents to inflict the people. Moses asks God how to stop it, and God responds for Moses to place a golden snake on a stick and raise it up so people can look to it and live. Jesus did the same thing. He became sin, the thing that was killing us, and was raised up on a cross so that when we look to him we are healed and saved.

-if we question the occurrences of the bible, we question the author.

-if we start questioning, where do we stop? the gospel gets thrown out the window. if one part is thrown out, then the whole Bible falls apart.

-we take all of it and hold it as true.

-we then get to wrestle with that truth. Just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s not truth.

-if we know that God is true, then it is us who needs to change.

-when we reduce the Word of God to a book, we throw it our altogether.

It is sufficient

-we only have to go as far as the Word—it provides everything necessary to training in godliness

-anything that is not the Word is ultimately spiritual junk food. It is good for a moment, but it will not last and sustain.

-if you do not have the meat of the Word on your plate, you will be a spiritually malnourished Christian.

-junk food is not always bad. But it is not meant to sustain us. We need the solid food of the Word.

-we’re taught that everything needs to be quick and digestible, but the Word is not like that. We have to sit there with a fork and a knife and chew and wrestle. It takes time. Spiritual junk food is quick and accessible and easy to consume, but it will not nourish.

Hebrews 2:1

-listen. The Word is asking us to listen intentionally, to thoughtfully consider what it is saying.

-if you’re going to approach the Word you need to be provisionally and positionally ready.

-you need the means to access it and the availability to digest it

-we need to put every distraction aside

-we stop, we wait, and we get into the presence of God.

-drifting is a deadly thing. We will drift away if we’re not ready for the Word.

-when you’re fighting and pushing against the current, you’re not moving fast, but you’re moving. When we stop, we are gone; we drift away.

-serving God is fighting upstream. It is hard, and it requires work. It costs us something, it is inconvenient, it is tiring. But it is worth it.

-the moment we stop pushing upstream, we don’t stay still. We drift downstream.

-push upstream. Be ready to dive into God’s Word on a regular basis. Our life hinges on it. We need to go to the only source that nourishes.

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