Daily Devotions from our teens


April 17th-24th

In Romans 4 it talks about how Abraham trusted God to give him a son when he was about one hundred years old, and how he became the father of many nations just like God said to him. It’s all about his faith in God even when it seems impossible. It mentions several times that he “credits” Abraham for his faith. Romans five is all about when we sin and the consequences of it and what happens after. It talks a lot about chain reactions of sin, ending with hope of God’s grace. It basically says that if we sin, God’s grace will be upon us because of what Jesus did for us.

Romans 1:4-5 teaches about righteousness, especially in the terms of faith and works. In verse 4 it tells us that doing charity is in obligation for all Christians. It’s not something that we do in our spare time but something we need to make an every day thing. In verse five it says that the one does not work but trusts God will be credited righteousness. This shows that God wants us to do works but most of all he wants our faith in him because having faith in him and having a relationship will lead to you wanting to do more works.

Romans six is all about what comes after we accept Jesus. It talks about how it means that we are free from sin and how we don’t have to die with sin anymore, but that we can now live through Christ. Also, it connects us to being slaves of sin multiple times, and it says that we don’t have to die to sin anymore because Jesus already did once, and that’s all it took.

Romans 5:18. This verse describes how Jesus Christ alone saved us from our sins. He died for us so we could be with him in paradise. The thing in this verse that is really powerful to me is the first part when it says through one man the human race was contaminated by his sin but by one Man’s righteous acts we were forgiven all of our sins that we’ve ever done and ever will do. It just shows love of Jesus and his desire for us!

“So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?” (Romans 2:3) This verse stood out to me in Romans 2 because I feel like myself and many others that are my age tend to do this. This verse is explaining that we judge others but we also do the same exact things, and whether we hide them from others or not we are still guilty for them, so who are we to judge someone for the same thing we are doing. Because in the end judging them isn’t going to take away the same wrong-doing we commit. Just because we make fun of it but still do the same thing, isn’t going to hide it from God’s knowledge, and I feel we must stop telling the lie to ourselves that judging others can cover the wrong we have done since judging makes us feel better

Philippians 3. There is much to brag about of this world. There is much to gain in this world. However none of that can satisfy. Paul says that whatever gain he had, he counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Nothing is more important or precious than knowing Jesus. Nothing is more satisfying than His steadfast love. There will be times, however, when I get wrapped up in things and feelings of the world. At these times, I must forget about the past and these worldly feelings and press on toward the future and the glory that is to come. My citizenship is in heaven where our Savior is and where everything is perfect. I must stand firm.

Joshua tells the leaders of Israel that with God’s help “one Israelite could defeat a thousand, because the Lord your God fights for you, as he promised to do.” That’s such an amazing thought. One person could beat thousands, even billions because God is with that person. When God loves us He doesn’t stop and He will be with us forever. The end of Psalm 47:9 says, “He is supreme.” It’s so simple but so powerful. Our God is supreme!

Today’s passages speak to being humble. Humbling ourselves and helping the people who need help. All this comes down to putting others before yourself, especially God. If we just put God in front of ourselves then we will put everybody else in front of us because that’s what God wants us to do. So today and everyday I need to focus on putting God in front of myself, and being a humble servant of the Lord.

The story of Judges so far is amazing to me. Today I was caught up in its story of God’s forgiveness and the work He did through the judges. Israel continued to turn from God, just like we often do. But when they cried to God He felt mercy for them. These judges then came and defeated the evil, just as Christ came and defeated sin for us. Our God is so amazing!

Today something hit me as I was reading today’s passage. I know God was trying to show me how sin has affected the entire history of the world. Reading how the people continued to turn from God even with their ancestors telling them the great things He has done for them is just like now. Our ancestors speak in the bible about the amazing things of God yet we often turn away from it. This sin is still around and is something we all need to work on. God is good and the bible tells us so!

Philippians 2. When I feel lost all I need to look to is Jesus. His life was the perfect example of what I need to strive to be like. Paul tells of the importance of humility and putting others above yourself. He compares that to how Jesus became a servant as a man and even was so obedient that he died on the cross. Jesus lived in total obedience and humility. I know that to find my way in this sinful world I must look to and lean on Jesus. I must be obedient and humble, as well as being a loving light to others.

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