Week 25: Guest Speaker Jesse Aguero

Hello everyone!

This week Jesse came and taught us about satisfaction and truth. Please read below to learn more.

Guest Speaker Jesse Aguero

  • Jesus rejoiced in the truth so we should rejoice in the truth. The truth is fulfilling.
  • Please look at John 4:4-26
  • Jesus gets right to the point, but it takes the woman some time to catch on.
  • The woman is concerned with the immediate satisfaction.
  • Jesus uses the phrase “you will thirst again” when referring to drinking from the well. What is the thing you are seeking after for satisfaction? You can hang the words “you will thirst again” above anything besides Jesus. Nothing but Jesus can fulfill us.
  • The woman is looking for a quick fix to her situation, but Jesus draws things back to the point by pointing at the thing that she had been putting her hope in. She was going to something besides Him to find value and purpose.
  • If you’re trying to worship God you must understand that He wants us to worship Him in spirit and truth.
  • Jesus models for us what it means to rejoice in the truth.
  • Truth:
    • We are sinners.
    • We need a savior.
    • Jesus is that savior.
    • We can rejoice in Him.
    • His word is truth.
  • If you really want to love your friends and family:
    • Share this truth with them.
    • Live the truth in front
  • Please read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. The battle isn’t just in the flesh. There is a deeper unseen battle. Strongholds are the lies that we buy into. Take those false thoughts captive.

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