Daily Devotions from our teens


April 9th-16th

3 John 1:4 – in this verse it says that there is no greater joy to see or hear that people are growing in the faith that you know. To know that you’re out to make a difference in the church of Christ. I feel like this is a very important verse for our Bible study because we are at the point where we are helping others and you’re starting to see the impact that we can have on others. This first inspires me to help other people of the faith to grow in it so that one day I can look back and feel the amazing feeling that John talks about when you help someone else grow closer to God.

Exodus 15:13 – “You keep your loving promise and lead the people you have saved. With your strength you will guide them to your holy place.” I loved this verse and needed the reminder that God does not just save us and abandon us. Even when we refuse to acknowledge him he walks with. God is forever by our side preparing us through the good and bad to be with him forever in eternity.

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