Week 24: Live Like Christ Part 1

Hello everyone!

Last term we talked about how to love like Christ. now we are going to talk about how to live like Him. Please read below to learn more.

Live Like Christ: Part 1

  • We don’t live like Christ by being legalistic. Our ability to live like Him comes out of the abundance of our relationship with Him. We don’t want you to feel guilty if your actions aren’t resembling Christ’s, but we do want you to understand what the bar is. Strive for it and rest in God’s grace when you fail.
  • Since God is love, the more we learn about love the more we learn about God. Please look at 1 Corinthians 13. Over the next few weeks we will be going through these different characteristics of love to understand how we can better live like Christ.
  • Please turn to 1 John 2:6. Here the word “walk” means “behave”. In other words, if you say that you live in Christ then you should behave like Christ behaved.
  • Please read John 11:6.
  • Sometimes we think we need to communicate to God the way he should show us His love. But He already knows the perfect way to love us, even though it may not look the way we except.
  • From this passage we can understand that we have to be patient to live like Christ lived; However, to be patient we must better understand time.
  • There are two types of time:
    • Chronos: time as a measurable resources
    • Kairos: appointed time, an opportune moment, or a due season.
  • God lives in kairos time. If you are living in Chronos time you’ll be impatient.
  • The more we learn to live in kairos time the less anxiety we will have.
  • To better understand how to live in kairos time please look at Philippians 4:6-9.
  • Mary got the first part right: she went to God. However, she failed in giving Him thanksgiving. She forgot the kairos moments when God met her. We do this same thing.
  • When you find yourself growing impatient stop and look around and see how God is moving right now in your life. Remind yourself about the things that are true about God right now in your present situation. This will help ease your anxiety and alleviate your impatience.

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