Daily Devos From Our Teens

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April 3rd-10th

Jesus tells the woman who poured perfume on His feet, “Because you believed, you are saved from your sins. Go in peace.” This is a great reminder for this weekend. Good Friday and Easter are here and it’s a celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection for us. All we have to do is believe to be forgiven of our sins. Believing in Christ is believing in forgiveness and love. Thank you Jesus for work that you did and continue to do for me and the world! Praise Jesus!

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed to us” -Romans 8:18. Today was a difficult day with many difficulties and trials so I was encouraged by this verse and thought you guys may be as well. The after school program is what God has called us to do and if we remain steadfast to his calling, despite arising circumstances, we will soon see great fruit from our efforts.

“The Lord shows his true love every day.” -Psalm 42:8. That’s so true! I may not think about this much or see it, but God’s love shines in all of us everyday. From His forgiveness of sins to Him waking us up, God shows His love to us everyday. There’s some many ways we can show our love to Him! We can pray, sing praises, share the Gospel, read His Word, just being nice, and many other things. When we love it’s God’s love in us!

I really like the verse “when I am afraid, I will trust In you.” -Psalm 56:3. I see it at explaining that when God puts you through trials he will always be there and help you if you put all your faith and love in him. And when we are afraid we should automatically trust in him.

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