Week 23: Reaching the Lost Part 5

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had an amazing break. This week we got right back into things by finishing up the parable of The Good Samaritan, talking specifically about how to be neighborly. Please read below to learn more.

Reaching the Lost: The Samaritan 

  • Please read Luke 10:33-37
  • As soon as the Samaritan saw the man he had compassion (or empathy).
  • The first two people looked at the man on the side of the road and asked “What would happen to me if I helped him?” but the Samaritan thought “What would happen to him if I didn’t help him?”
  • Sometimes we can’t always stop and help, but we can always pray for people.
  • God is not random. He broke Luke 10:33-37 into sections.
    • Bound the wounds: Our first job is to stop the bleeding. Before we address deeper issues we need to get them well. Sometimes we try to address the deeper issues first. This causes us to heap condemnation on people. We try to apply our own self righteousness to them. They don’t need that. They need to see grace.
    • Poured oil: Our second job is to soothe people’s pain. Weep with those that weep. Mourn with those that mourn. Being neighborly isn’t pointing out people’s flaws.
    • The wine: Our third job is to comfort the afflicted. Take off/remove the pain that’s in their lives. How are we lifting people’s pains out of their lives?
    • The inn: We aren’t the end all. We need to plug them into community as quickly as possible. Being neighborly doesn’t stop when we get them to where they are going. The role that these people have in our lives might change, but God put then in our lives for a reason.
  • After finishing the parable, Jesus turns the question around by asking who was neighborly.
  • The lawyer responds by stating that it was the person who showed mercy. This is interesting because mercy is unmerited forgiveness. We would expect him to say grace, which is unmerited favor. Sometimes our inability to forgive others prevents us from showing grace to people.
  • To be neighborly we need to first understand that we have been forgiven. Our job as neighbors is to ultimately point people to Christ, but to do this we have to have received Him first.

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