Week 22: Reaching the Lost Part 4

Hello everyone!

This week we continued our sermon series on reaching the lost by looking at the Levite. Please read on to learn more.

Reaching the Lost: Walk over

  • Look at Luke 10:32
  • What do we know about Levites?
  • There role was to serve in the temple, not to handle the sacrifices, but to support the priests that were doing the work.
  • They would also help transport the articles in the tabernacle from place to place and help set up the tabernacle for the Israelites to use.
  • They were the tribe of Israel that did not own land but instead lived amongst the people.
  • What that means is that their Neighbors wouldn’t be other Levites—they would have been from other tribes.
  • Look at Numbers 18:23-24
  • They had to understand that their purpose was to serve their neighbors, not focus on providing for themselves.
  • Now this isn’t saying we have to go sell all that we have to fulfill the calling of a neighbor but it does mean that our heart should be willing to do it if God asks.
  • Levites also understood the concept of being a light to their communities. This was their responsibility.
  • Not all Levites were priests but all priests were Levites.
  • What that means is that we may not be called to work inside the temple but we are called to lives as though we do.
    • Everything we learned last week applies to the Levites as well.
  • Are we setting up a place for God to be glorified?
    • What this means is that you present on Wednesday nights is setting up a place for God to be glorified.
    • Look at 1 Corinthians 12:12-20
  • Levites know that we all have a part to play to form the body of Christ. We have spoken about this before but this story reminds us again of the importance of coming together, bringing our gifts and skills, and presenting them to the Lord to use.
  • Are we too focused on our lives instead of our neighbors?
  • High School is a crazy time. Planning for your future. Trying to establish good relationships while at the same time trying to find out who you are.
  • Yet in that time don’t loose sight of your mission: Love your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Everything God is doing in your life is setting you up to fulfill your mission here.
  • Why did the Levite cross the street?
    • Because he wasn’t a Priest. There are people that are better qualified to do that work. We see Priests who feel inadequate in spite of being called, but Levites feel inadequate because it isn’t technically their job. It would have been easy for them to show up at the temple to work and someone comes with their sacrifice for sin and then point them to a priest. However, what happens when a priest isn’t there? We have to remember that we make up the body of Christ. When we work as the Body of Christ we aren’t confined by job titles or even strengths or weaknesses. We start to see people moved towards God by how He uses us.
    • He thought: Maybe he isn’t really hurt. Maybe he is merely faking injury so I am drawn to him only to find myself hurt. We have seen that. We have been told by people that they need our help only to have them not follow through with what we ask them to do and then they get mad at us because we are trying to help them. Going through that makes us a little gun-shy in trying to help someone else with his/her circumstances but God says we still have to go. And even more so—be willing to help the same person again!
    • We make it too complex or over commit. God puts on your heart to serve someone and then you get paralyzed in the “how”. You see someone beaten on the road and you just don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you feel it is your job to get him to the hospital and then pay his medical bills while he is healing up and then get overwhelmed by it all and just burn out. This is why we cross the street.
  • Don’t cross the street.
  • Remember we don’t have to have all the answers we just have to be willing to walk over to the man. God takes care of the rest.
  • We don’t have to solve all of his problems we just have to be obedient to what God does ask us to do.
  • We just have to walk over.

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