Week 19: Reaching the Lost Part 1

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great week. This year we have covered how to love the Lord and we just spent the last 4 weeks going over seeing yourself the way God sees you. Now we will cover how to reach the lost. Please read on to learn more.

Reaching the Lost: Do I Behave as a Neighbor?

  • Out of the abundance of your relationship with God is how you begin to have a heart for others.
  • Look at Luke 10:25-29
  • “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27
  • If you don’t understand God’s love then it is going to be hard to love others. If this is something you struggle with take out Psalm 139 and read it until it becomes true.
  • What do we know about the lawyer? To be a lawyer means that you are a learned expert of the Mosaic law. His role would be to interpret, teach, and judge with the Law.
  • The advantages of that is that he knew the Scriptures. He had shown a certain level of devotion to spending time understanding God’s word and the Law. He had to have invested time studying the law
  • The problem is that his focus was on the law. He would look and see how you’ve fallen short, but he couldn’t give up a solution to your failures. He hard a part, but he didn’t have a full part. He didn’t walk and understand grace. The Law did not give eternal life, it gave death. The law could not save him.
  • When you are looking at other people are you looking at them through the lens of the lawyer? Are you quick to point out peoples flaws and judge them?
  • We don’t want to have the eyes of the Lawyer. We can’t be that person quick to judge. We need to see people as God sees them.
  • Having the eyes of the lawyer leads to self-righteousness. You see their failure, but fail to see your own. None of us can be righteous by ourselves.
  • The lawyer struggles to understand God’s grace.
  • No one will ever love God and his neighbor with any measure of pure, spiritual love, who hasn’t experienced and appreciated God’s grace.
  • Lawyers can tell you what to do but they can’t live there because they struggle to live in God’s grace.
  • When we are struggling, tired, sick, etc., it causes us to rely on God’s grace. This helps us to see people the way God sees them.
  • Look at Luke 10:25 again. He is looking at Christ but addresses him as teacher. God isn’t our teacher first. He is our savior.
  • If we are looking for God to teach us how to be a good person then we are looking for a religion. If we are looking for a God that saves us then we are looking for a relationship that is anchored in grace. Through that relationship we will be taught and God will ask us to do things but the “do” is not why we have eternal life with Him.
  • None of us can be good enough to inherit eternal life.
  • We don’t want to share Christ to people as someone that teachers us to be good. He does that, but ultimately He is our savior.
  • Salvation is a gift from God. You can’t do anything to earn it.
  • This is what the lost need to know. They don’t need a list of rules, they don’t need to see the perfect Christian, they need to see people that are saved by Grace.
  • This means people that are saved not because they are good but because God is good.
  • Look at Luke 10:29 again.
  • The next few weeks we are going to unpack God’s response to this question but before we do we have to address the mistake in asking it in the first place.
  • When you put a definition to who a neighbor is then you are also then putting conditions and limitations on who and how you love them. God doesn’t do that.
  • We just got back from Mexico and God certainly used us to serve the people down there but depending on who you ask they would or wouldn’t fall into the category of our neighbors. What this does is let us off the hook of loving and serving everyone.
  • He asked the wrong question. What he should have asked is: How can I be neighborly?
  • It’s easier to gravitate towards people that are like you, but that’s not how God views neighbors. There are a part of it, but they aren’t the only neighbors that God has for you.
  • Ask God how you can be a better neighbor and you will see your groups of neighbors increase.
  • Being neighborly means being known as the person who doesn’t judge the circumstances but loves the person. It means answering the call when God asks us: whom shall I send who will go for us. The “who” is not important it is the how that matters most.
  • Going forward we are going to unpack how we do this.
  • Our goal is not be lawyers but evangelist!

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