Week 18: Psalm 139:19-24

Hello everyone!

This week we talked about Psalm 139:19-24. How we should be on God’s side always. Please read below to learn more.

Psalm 139:19-24

  • David has an issue.
  • He didn’t bring it up at the beginning, but we begin to see it now.
  • Before he brings up his issues he elevates God as the Lord of his life.
  • This is how we should pray and worship.
  • In verse 19, David is saying that he doesn’t want to be associated with the people that hate God.
  • Look at 1 Peter 2:1-3.
  • Like a baby craves milk, so should we crave God. We should crave Him more than anything else.
  • How do we do this?
  • Look at 1 Peter 2:3 again. Taste and see that God is good. Spend time with Him. Increase your time with Him and it will increase your craving for Him.
  • This Saturday (2/21) we are having a worship night. This is one way to encounter God. It gives us an opportunity to spend time with the Lord.
  • In verse 21 he goes on to say that he wants to be on God’s side.
  • Being on God’s side can be hard to do, especially when life is hard.
  • Do you side with the Lord? Even when it’s hard?
  • God hates sin. When people are sinning around you are you pointing them to Christ?
  • Look at verse 23-24.
  • Psalm 139 stated with David saying “you search me and know me.” Not it focuses in and says “know my heart.”
  • There is no escaping God.
  • Do not compromise. The things we read in Psalm 139 are true promises of God. Even if you don’t believe them, they are still true. Do not compromise!

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