South to Serve: Day 5


South to Serve: Journal

Day 5:

So this is it! The final day of this crazy journey! It sure is safe to say that we got an early start to the day, as we woke up at 5 AM. We got all of our stuff loaded into the van, and then we were on the road by 5:30. We drove to the border, and were able to make it across in half an hour! That was incredible, considering that there have been times in the past where it has taken us hours to get across. On the drive, we spent some time reflecting on the trip, and sharing what we hope to do with what we learned. Then, since we had some extra time, we hit up a Starbucks once in San Diego, and just spent some time enjoying coffee and each other’s company. We dropped off the rental vehicles, hopped on a shuttle, and headed to the San Diego airport.

Once we had made it through security, we had to hang out for a few hours before boarding our flight. All went well on the flight, and we were soon in San Francisco. There, we fueled up on over-priced airport food, and then hopped on the flight to Eugene. The second plane was much smaller than the first, but the flight went smoothly nonetheless. I just absolutely love flying, because every single time I fly on a plane, I am reminded of how awesome God is. From so high up, I truly gain an appreciation for the towering mountains, the flowing rivers, the seemingly weightless clouds, the juxtaposition of trees, and every other aspect of God’s masterpiece. What a wonderful God we serve.

After we landed in Eugene, we got all of our bags together, said our goodbyes, and headed home. And let me tell you, it felt so good to be home. After five days of being gone, one truly gains an appreciation for all of the comforts of home, such as a hot shower, plenty of food, a comfortable bed, and many other little blessings that we are accustomed to having. However, despite the joy of being home, I know that all of us now have to face the challenge of making sure to remember what we saw and learned while in Mexico. It can be easy to just settle back into our normal routines, and just consolidate the last five days into just a fond memory. It can be easy to have mountaintop times while on mission trips, times where one feels full of passion for the Lord and His calling, and then just plummet as soon as the trip is over. However, we cannot choose the easy way out. Instead, we need to dare to continue on that mountaintop time, and see how God is able to work through that.

It was an amazing trip, and I am so glad that God opened up that door for all members of the trip. Sure, Tijuana is a very broken city. Yet, there is so much beauty there, beauty that God has created. Through the trip, I gained so much appreciation; for all that I am

blessed with, for all of the amazing people that I had the pleasure to serve, and for the ways in which God can shine in even the darkest of places. I would encourage anyone to go on a mission trip like this. It is truly a life-changing experience. And though that may sound like a cliche, it is nothing but the truth. Through this type of trip, one is able to learn more about themselves, others, and God. There is nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone, and experiencing an adventure that can alter the course of your life. So, I encourage you. Take the step, make the leap, and see where God takes you from there.



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