South to Serve: Day 1


South to Serve: Journal

Day #1

Quote of the day:

The devotionals of today were a blessing to me, because it was great to hear people open up and voice their opinions. I cannot wait for tomorrow, and the the ways in which serving will lighten everyones’ hearts.

-Reilly Baskett

Today was a big day! The day that we all packed up our bags and traveled to Mexico. It all started out with some pastries and last minute organization at the church offices. Then, we were able to head off to the Eugene airport, where we successfully made it through security, and then spent some quality time doing devotionals. This morning we learned that being God’s hands and feet should be the main purpose of why we are going on this trip. We also discussed the amazing service opportunity that we have, and ways in which we could take advantage of that opportunity. We flew to San Francisco on a small plane, and then rushed to catch our connecting flight to San Diego. The second plane turned out to be much bigger, and much nicer.

Once in the heat of San Diego, we rented our vehicles, hit up In-N-Out Burger for a late lunch, and then crossed the border! As always, the border crossing was crazy, because the traffic was heavy and our two vehicles got separated. After some initial panic, we were finally able to reconnect, and then drive to the bunkhouse. We got settled in, and then we spent some more time in devotionals. Tonight, we learned about teamwork, and the ways in which forbearance and love are essential for the success of our team.

Next, our host Sergio took us to a taco stand to enjoy some authentic Mexican food. It is amazing to see how trusting people are in Mexico. They restaurant owners weren’t keeping careful track of who ordered what; instead, they just had faith that everyone would pay their fee. The generosity here is definitely something that Americans could take a lesson from. After all of our bellies were full, we headed back to the bunkhouse, where we were able to just hang out and relax as friends.

While we didn’t do any actual service today, it was still extremely exhausting. On nights like this, it is easy to wish to be back in the comfort that home brings. However, we just need to keep in mind the purpose of why we are here, and the difference that we have the potential to make. Tomorrow we will be going to an old folk’s home, so we can expect a whole new level of appreciation.

So, until tomorrow!

By: Kyra Hanson



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