The Lost Genre



Influence: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Influence is a powerful thing. A number of things in this life have an influence on us: our family, friends, school, entertainment, social media and music. Music has been a huge part of life for centuries. With music having so much impact on our society we have to ask: What motivates us to make the music choices we do?

There are many different genres but one of the most popular in youth are hip-hop/rap. Often times the secular version of hip-hop opposes nearly all of our values as believers in Christ. Simply read the lyrics of most songs would make most of us blush yet when coupled with the music they oftentimes go unnoticed–this is what makes this dangerous. It is our job to guard our hearts and what enters our mind, so just because a song has a sick beat doesn’t mean you should listen to it.I understand the battle everyone faces with this issue though. It’s hard to be seen as the outcast when you are at school and 99% of the students there listen to what’s on the radio but it’s so worth it.

I found myself constantly searching the internet and iTunes for better music and was amazed in finding Christian Hip-Hop/Rap artists. Now this is the only music I have. It should no longer be lost just because it doesn’t get plays on the radio and my hope is that it provides an alternative to listening to secular hip/hop. There are countless talented artists out there rapping for Christ and it is absolutely awesome. One artist I would recommend is Lecrae. However, today we have so much more than just him to choose from. Starting today, I will be posting at least one song a week on the Bridge’s Facebook page. Music really has a powerful effect on us, so it’s up to you to allow that effect to be positive, or negative.

I have a couple closing comments I would like to leave you with. There are Christian artists in all genre’s out there that are making awesome music and we want to help you find them. It’s hard to cutoff all a secular music at once so just start slow and gradually change if that’s easier. Start by listening to  songs without any swearing then remove songs with no drug or sex references, and really after that step you are nearly there. I hope this helps, and here is a list of my top five favorite artists as of now.

  1. Adrian Stresow – Hip Hop
  2. Twenty One Pilots – Alternative
  3. NF – Hip Hop
  4. KB – Rap
  5. Authentik – Hip Hop

Stay tuned into Facebook for the song spotlight. Also, is an amazing resource to find new and upcoming Christian Hip-Hop/Rap artists. I check this website multiple times a week. They offer free downloads and new music released on ITunes as well. You don’t have to make this change alone. Guard your heart, guard your mind, and keep Christ first.

By: Michael Frank



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