Week 16: Psalm 139:7-12

Hello everyone!

This week we continued our detour into Psalm 139 by talking about verse 7. Please look at the sermon notes below to find out more!

Psalm 139:7-12

  • Re-read Psalm 139
  • Keep re-reading it until it becomes true to you.
  • We need to understand that God loves us and just wants to be with us.
  • Please write out Psalm 139:7-12
  • We can some those verses up by saying: God is all present.
  • This means that He is right next to you right now.
  • Would you change the way you think or live if you knew God was here right now?
  • We act different because we don’t 100% believe this. If we did it would change the way we act.
  • Please look at Psalm 139:7
  • Spirit means guide. In other words, “where can I go that you’re not guiding me?”
  • There’s nowhere that you can go that God does not also go.
  • Look at Jeremiah 23:23-24. Sometimes we I’ve a life that doesn’t glorify God because we don’t fully understand that we can not hide from Him.
  • When the tough times come you can stand knowing that God is with you.
  • Sometimes we get caught up in self pity and forget that God is with us.
  • Please look at Exodus 3:13-14
  • This is saying that God will be who He will be when we need Him to be it.
  • He is God and He is with us always.
  • Look at the last part of Psalm 139:7.
  • The term presence means a place where I can stand and see you face to face.
  • Look at Jonah 1:3-4. God can even use our rebellion. He is always pursing us and even in our rebellion Christ can still find us.
  • Even though we flee from his presence God always brings us back for the opportunity to submit. This allows the peace of God to come into our lives because it’s not our lives anymore.

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