Week 14: Who Are The Lost

Hello everyone!

I hope your week has been going well. Below are the sermon notes for this week. We continued our series on The Lost by talking about The Lost and who they are.

Who Are The Lost

  • We are the lost?
  • Look at Ephesians 2:1-3
  • The first thing you see is dead in sin. This means a person that has no desire for Christ. This leads to death (see Romans 3:23). This is how the lost are described.
  • Some of lost people are good people, but they still live in sin which means they have no desire for Christ.
  • Even if someone stopped sinning from now on it’s still going to lead to death because one sin is one sin too many.
  • Sometimes people try to make up for sinning by trying to do a lot of good things, but it will never work.
  • Christians need to understand how much they sin too because it shows them their need for God’s grace.
  • In the passage we read we see the word follow two times. This means to give authority to something or someone. This passage is talking about giving authority to the world. This means that whatever the world says is okay you accepts as okay as well.
  • To illustrate this, Dave read us some lyrics from popular songs.
  • Sometimes we see Christians who have accepted Christ, but have given authority back to the world.
  • What we follow can be seen by what we let entertain us.
  • To reach the lost we need to be different. We can’t do that if we’ve given authority to the world.
  • To reach the lost we have to live like we’re found.
  • You should want people to look at you and know you’re a Christian. Someone shouldn’t be able to say “I had no idea you were a Christian.”
  • Ask yourself are you giving authority back to the world?
  • There’s another way that we can live: Dead to sin.
  • Turn to Romans 6:6. To be dead to sin means you have a desire for Christ.
  • Salvation is admitting that you can’t fix your sin problem yourself. It’s admitting that you need a savior.
  • Being dead to sin is admitting we can’t fix ourselves, but that God can.
  • When we believe in God that wages of sin isn’t death anymore.
  • Don’t revert back and give authority back to the world.

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