Week 13: What is the Church?

Hello everyone!

Welcome back! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. We’ve kicked back into full gear again with 252 Groups (small groups), The Bridge, and The Leap starting back up again. This week began talking about our relationship with the Lost. Dave started out by asking who are the Lost? We looked at Luke 19:10, the first location where we see this phrase used to refer to describe those that don’t know the Lord. We then looked at Isaiah 6:8 where we see that we are called to minister to these individuals. Dave told us a little bit about how he came to know the Lord, showing us that interacting with The Lost is a team effort. As a church, we need to come together as a team to show the love of Christ to the individuals who don’t know Him. Please read the sermon notes below to learn more about what this looks like.


What is the Church?

  • To begin we opened up to Ephesians 1:15-23 where we read that the church was given:
    • wisdom & revelation 
    • hope
    • glorious inheritance
    • immeasurable greatness
  • Wisdom and revelation are found in His word but they are modeled by His people
  • The church is where the world sees Christ. We are the body of Christ. We are the way God manifests himself on Earth today. As such, we have to be an active participant in the church; however, some people don’t see church as something that they need to participate in actively.
  • Sometimes we go to church to check it off our list other times we avoid church because we think we’ve moved past the need for it. If you fall into the later group you need to understand that when the broken come to the doors of the church there needs to be someone to welcome them and share God’s love with them.
  • One of the values of being connected in church is the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is active, alive, and well. For this to happen, we, as members of the Body of Christ need to be engaged and participating.
  • When the world walks past you they should see the hope that comes from knowing the Lord. If you tell someone you’re a Christian they shouldn’t be surprised. They should see a beacon of hope.
  • One way we show this hope is by speaking life. Ask yourself how do you talk about The Lost? Do you talk about them with words of despair or are you speaking life?
  • When we encounter Gideon he is hiding; however, God calls him a mighty man of valor. God speaks hope and so should we. We should look at people the way God does.
  • Through Jesus’ death we get a glorious inheritance. Inheritances are received after death. They are given to family members.
  • We are a family and when people come through the doors of the church they should feel like they are coming home, like they are part of the family.
  • Does this happen? Do people feel like they are coming home or do they feel like strangers? Someone shouldn’t go to church and feel like they are going to the doctors office.
  • Community church can’t just be a name.
  • When we at John 13:!5 we see that the immeasurable greatness of His power is love.
  • This is agape type of love. The type of love God uses to describe His love for us. We are to love The Lost like God loves them. People should know that we are His disciple because we love like God does.
  • The glue that keeps us together is our love for one another.
  • The church should have unconditional love for everyone because that’s what God does.
  • We can’t change people’s sin or hurt, but we can point them to Christ. One way we can do this is by showing them the love that is found in Christ.
  • We ended by talking about how we need to invest ourselves into the church and writing down some things that we can bring to the church family.

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