Week 11: Relationship with Peers Part 2

Hello everyone!

This week we continued our talk about dating. Most of us are going to date at some point, but most of us aren’t ready yet. Since we are probably going to date at some point we need to be prepared for it. Before we can get there we need to know why we shouldn’t date. The sermon notes are below. Please check them out!


Relationship with Peers: Part 2

  • Why you shouldn’t date now:
    • It distracts. Your time, your ambition, and your energy should all be focused on God. As you get older you have less time. If you haven’t instilled the spiritual practices of putting God first, don’t think you’re going to do it when you’re older. Dating can distract you from this. Ask yourself where your time, your energy, and your ambition are focused.
    • It defiles: We know that there is a natural longing to be with one another. It is natural to be with the opposite sex, but it is not natural outside of marriage. Look at 1 Timothy 5:1-3. You need to treat the opposite sex like they are your brother or your sister. This isn’t just physical stuff. What’s your thought life like? Your mind can go to places where it shouldn’t. You wouldn’t think impure thoughts about your siblings. You shouldn’t with the opposite sex either.
    • It damages. Right now you guys are in your teenage years. You’re moving away from your parents covering, becoming more independent. The bible says that you will leave your home and cleave, or look for a spouse. We start trying to cleave before we leave. Another damage is seen in heartbreak. Heartbreak generally happens when we are younger. We cling to quickly and breakups are devastating. Our scars are the lenses we start to view other relationships by, saying things like ”I don’t want to get hurt like the last time. I’m going to close myself off more. I’m going to not trust as easily.” Finally, you should leave your parents to come under Gods covering. Look at Acts 17:28. Can you say “Everything about me is Christ.” If you can’t then you are not ready to date because you will give part of your being to someone else.
    • It deceives. We live in a culture that idolizes romance. We see movies and begin to believe that that’s what relationships should be like. That’s not real life. This is not to say that romance does not excuse. Romance comes out of the depth of the relationship not just because you are in one. Don’t deceive yourself, this turns into idol worship. Look at Deuteronomy 5:6-7.
  • Conclusion: There is no example of dating in the bible. If you’re going to date we want to make sure you are ready to date. We also want to make sure the person you are going to date is ready. What does it say if someone is attracted to you even if you are not ready to date? It means they aren’t ready either. We want to make sure that you know who you are in Christ. We want you to know what you are looking for in the other person. When you understand who you are looking for you have a better chance of finding them. Finally, we want you to know how to date the Godly way. Next time we meet we are gonna talk about these things.

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