Week 8: Relationship with Parents Part 3

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. This week we learned about another part of our relationship with our parents: the covering. To learn more look at the sermon notes below!


Relationship with Parents: Part 3 

  • The can also be a disconnect between children and parents. This disconnect is caused by the fear of leaving the home.
  • Parents fear because they only have so much time left with their children.
  • Children fear because they don’t know how to separate well.
  • This fear can cause conflict.
  • When we are born our parents become the ones who provide and look to our needs. We call this the covering
  • Before we are born, as David said in Psalms 139, God was our first covering.
  • God loves us, and places us under the care of our parents.
  • Later, when God is introduced into our lives, as we get to know Him more he starts to co-cover us.
  • As we transition into adulthood, God becomes the sole covering of our life.
  • Conflict can arise because parents have to give you back to God. This takes a lot of trust and is scary.
  • Parent’s, who see their children making bad decisions, fear for the future when they can no longer protect their children from the consequences of those decisions.
  • Please look at John 17:9-15. Here the disciples ask, “Lord, is it me?” They understood that they could be capable of doing something like betraying Jesus.
  • We need to recognize that their is potential for us to make the mistakes our parents fear. This takes maturity.
  • Ask yourself if you are also fearful about leaving home. Be transparent about this. Tell your parents how you are feeling.
  • You should also know that your parents sometimes see you make mistakes and they overreact. This happens because they fear what that mistake will cost you in the future if you don’t correct it. To help with this, remember to be in the word. Also look at 3 John 1:4
  • Ask yourself: Do you hear from God? Do you hear His direction? Are you submissive to Him? The answers to these questions should help you and your parents with your fears of leaving the home.
  • Finally, we closed this weeks lesson with a project. Dave asked each of us to write a thank you letter to our parents. He reminded us that our words have power and asked us to use them to encourage and reassure our parents.

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