Week 7: Relationship with Parents Part 2

After talking about the roles our parents hold in our lives last week, this week we transition to talking about the different roles we hold as children. Dave went through the things we should be doing and shouldn’t be doing as children. Please look at the notes below to learn more!

Relationship with Parents: Part 2 

  • Jesus presents us with a good example through the parable about the prodigal son. To find this please look at Luke 15:12-32.
  • Let’s take a moment to state what our roles, as children, are not.
    • We are not supposed to demand freedom or responsibility from our parents. Freedom is something that is given. Responsibility is something that is earned. The son in this parable demands freedom and responsibility before it is given/earned. This led to many of his troubles later on.
    • We are not supposed to leave our house. We are supposed to be sent out. The son in this story was not sent out. His father didn’t tell him to go. He left by his own will.
    • We are not supposed to decide what to do on our own. This may be hard for many of us to comes to terms with, but as children we need to ask permission from our parents. They have more wisdom and experience than us and God put them in our lives to help steer us towards Him.
    • When you ask permission you also get empowered. You know that you can do the task ahead because your parents told you that you could.
    • There will be times when you ask for permission and the answer is not what we expect or desire. Instead of getting upset, we should submit ourselves to our parents and accept their response.
    • We are not supposed to shame or embarrass our parents. When we ask our parents to humble themselves to us, we are in the wrong. We should humble ourselves to our parents. Look at the last few verses of the prodigal son parable. The eldest son tried to shame his father by focusing on the things that he didn’t have rather than the things that he did have. Remember that everything you have has most likely come from your parents. Be thankful for them and their role in your life.
  • Finally, let’s look at the things we should be doing in our roles as children.
    • We should bring honor to our parents.
    • We should also serve them. Dave challenged us to go home and ask our parents what we could do for them.
    • Ask yourself, “Would there still be conflict between my parents and myself if I was truly honoring and serving them?” Most likely your response would be no.
    • We should also be appreciative of our parents. Did you do the homework Dave assigned last week? If so, what was the outcome of praising your parents? Remember, we should be doing this regularly!
  • What happens if we don’t do these things? Look back at Luke 15:31. Your translation might say that the father said “My son” but this directly translates to “little child.” Because the son was not acting appropriately, the father had to revert back to a previous role.
  • We should also not transition to a new role before our parents do. The younger son demanded freedom before his father gave it to him. It wasn’t time for him to transition, but he tried to anyways and conflict arose.
  • Finally, remember that your parents need you as much as you need them!

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