Week 3: Choose God Part 3

Hey everyone,
I hope your week has been going well. This week we talked about how we can feel disconnected from God because of his invisible nature. You can find the sermon notes below. Have a great week!

Choose God Part 3

  • Recap: God is love. We have a one sided relationship with Him–all we need to do is accept the fact that He loves us.
  • We can also feel disconnected with God because he is invisible.
  • Look at Romans 1:20. There is an invisible side of God but He does give us ways in which we can see Him.
  • Dave illustrated the feeling we can sometimes have concerning God’s invisible nature by telling a story of a time in his life when he was away from his family. After a while he started to feel homesick. He could talk to his wife and kids, but he couldn’t see them face-to-face. Sometimes we can feel this way about God.
  • When we feel homesick when it comes to God we don’t talk about it. Instead we put masks on, trying to cover up our feelings of fear and doubt. We see others who are close to God and try to imitate them by memorizing verses or worshiping in the same way they do, but it doesn’t help this feeling of disconnection with God. It becomes more about the work than the relationship.
  • Looking back at Romans 1:20, it ends by saying that people are without excuse which means we can see God somehow.
  • Sometimes we are looking in the right places, but we are looking for the wrong person.
  • Look at Like 2:11-12. Many expected to find Christ in a palace, instead he was born in a manger.
  • Sometimes we look for God the conquering hero.
  • Jesus conquered sin and is capable of conquering anything, but that doesn’t mean he will take us out of every situation of suffering we face.
  • Ask yourself, “If all Jesus did was die on the cross for my sins, isn’t that enough?”
  • Look at Luke 4:9. Sometimes we look for God the magician. Sometimes we go to God saying, “if you do this for me then….”
  • In those times we are looking for a magician. We are asking God to perform for us.
  • Look at 2:Corinthians 1:20. Sometimes we look for God the yes man.
  • If you want to feel more connected with Him, you have to be a servant.
  • Unlike slaves, servants willingly submit.
  • A servant is always looking for something to do. Sometimes as Christians we say, “Lord, I can’t see you! ” instead ask “Lord, what do you want me to do?” He will answer.
  • We are all servants to something. If it’s not God, then what/who is it?
  • Before sin Adam served God. After sin he started to serve himself.
  • Being a servant means it’s not about you. Good servants put their own feelings aside
  • Look at Ephesians 3:14-19.
  • When you love/serve an invisible God, you can love/serve His creation that much better.
  • We all have a hole that we need to fill. As we strengthen our relationship with Him–through servanthood–it can start to close up. The only way it will close up is through a deeper relationship with God.

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