Week 2: Choose God Part 2

Hey everyone! We’ve had a great week connecting through various after school activities, small groups, and Sunday mornings. This week we continue our sermon series on love and relationship. Dave discussed some of the causes for the disconnect that we often feel with God. The sermon notes are posted below. Please review them and use them to continue this discussion.

Choose God Part 2

  • Recap: God is love, we have to understand God if we are going to understand love. Our relationship with God is pretty much one-sided. It is easy to put God below other relationships
  • There is a serious disconnect with God. This disconnect is caused by sin. It is not what God wants or intends for us.
  • God wants us to have the deepest most intimate type of love with him, known as agape love.
  • If we struggle with our connection with God then we start to turn away. This can be seen in times when it’s hard to pray or stay in the Word. In some ways we give up on fighting for our relationship with God.
  • Before sin came into the world, God and Adam had a strong connection.
  • Adam had two roles given to him by God: Tend the garden and be fruitful and multiply.
  • His identity was wrapped up in God.
  • Look at Genesis 3:10. What was their reaction to sin?
  • Sin is a progression. Dave illustrated this by telling us a story of Jack’s,his son, disobedience. Dave overheard Jack playing a video game when he should have been completing his homework. Dave went into Jack’s room and told him to get back to his work. Immediately after this, Jack broke down in tears, fearing that his disobedience would cause separation between him and his father.
  • We believe this same thing. We fear that a mistake will lead us to separation from God. This is a lie that sin tells us. Because for Christ sin does not equal separation from God.
  • Look at Romans 8:38. Paul tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of God.
  • If sin isn’t separating us from God, then what is? We are. When we make a mistake we run from Him. Instead we should use this as an opportunity to grow closer with Him.
  • Looking back at Genesis 3:10. It says that they were afraid because they were naked. Dave pointed out that they were naked before this, but it wasn’t until after they sinned that nakedness became awkward for them. Who told them that being naked was wrong? God didn’t. Suddenly, their opinions and the opinions of others became more important to them. Now because of sin God’s opinion didn’t matter as much to them.
  • Look at Psalm 51:1-4. David says “God, the only opinion that matters to me is yours.” For a similar example, look at Psalm 139:13-14.
  • Finally, look at Genesis 3:10 again. Their reaction to sin was hiding from God. Sometimes we hide who we are. We lay mask upon mask until we can’t recognize ourselves. That’s what sin does. It covers us.
  • To see an example of this, look at a 3-year-old. They say whatever is on their mind. It isn’t until they grow older that they begin to hide things based on others opinions of what’s right and what’s wrong.
  • When we are transparent with God we can start to be transparent with others. Sin is a progression, but so is restoration. The more we are open with Christ the more we can be open with others. This can lead us to be open and share with those who don’t know Christ.





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