Week 1: Choose God

I am so glad to be a part of the team that gets the opportunity to minister to your youth. For the next 15 weeks our youth will be working through a sermon series on love and relationships. This series will take them through the various relationships in their life, starting with their relationship with God. As a team we thought it would be helpful to post the sermon summery for parents, small group leaders, and kids to review.

Choose God

  • The word “love” and the word “relationship” are two of the most misused words. This can cause the meaning of the words to become tarnished. The more we misuse the word, the more we degrade the meaning. Dave used the example of “Facebook official” showing us that through the click of a button you can enter or exit a relationship. That’s not how relationships work and that’s not how God intended them.
  • We hear the term “dysfunction” used a lot when describing problems in a family. Many of us say or have heard someone say “I have a dysfunctional family.” This problem arrises from the misuse of the term “love” or “relationship”.
  • What does all of this mean when it comes to our relationship with God? Look at 1 John 4:8. It says that “God is love”. Love isn’t just an action that we do. To understand love we need to understand God. To understand God we need to understand love.
  • Our number one relationship is God (or at least it should be). If that’s not solid then you’ll probably have dysfunction in other relationships. Look at Genesis 1:1. It says “In the beginning God…” He was first! We try to replace that with other things, but we need to realize that God came first and therefore should be first.
  • Look at 1 John 4:9-10. Our relationship with God is pretty much one sided. He goes 90% of the way. We only go 10%. Sometimes we take our relationship with God for granted.
  • When we realize what God has done and continues to do for us we can start to feel bad for not spending enough time with Him
  • We can also take another route and start to feel entitled because we know God. This causes us to spend more time with Him when we need something, but then stop spending time with Him as soon as we get it.
  • Although the relationship will always be pretty much one sided we could always do more. The Bible can be seen as God’s diary. It tells us what makes Him happy, sad, mad. If we want a relationship with God we need to spend more time getting to know Him.
  • If God is love then He is not only the object, but also the subject of our affections.
  • To illustrate God’s love for us, Dave used an example of picking teams. Many of us have been that last person picked, feeling like we were only chosen because we had to be. God doesn’t see us that way. If God was the captain He would choose us all equally. He says, “I don’t care. I just want you!”
  • How would this illustration look if we were to reverse it? Who would we pick? Is God our first pick or is He our last pick?
  • Some of us love Him a lot and some of us love him a little, but that’s okay because God wants to take us where we are at. We need to recognize where we are at with our relationship to God. When we worship are we thinking of showering God with love?
  • Right now maybe God isn’t your top pick, but as God moves up, other relationships will become more functional and powerful.

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